Series 100 Professional Workshop Kit

Although a new professional workshop kit has been promoted at recent trade shows and exhibitions, we have now decided to make the SERIES 100 Professional Workshop Kit available as the top flight framing kit, via the website.  It features three top quality framing tools that can take you from simply making a steady "side-income" from framing through to setting up in business as a framing gallery /  workshop.

The kit comprises:
Hansen 8000 series Maxi Chopper: this is a top professional, long lasting, safe machine for cutting frames and mouldings in all kinds of wood and most kinds of plastic. With the highest quality of knives made in the Hansen factory, the Hansen mitre machine makes a perfect, accurate cut, smooth and without chipping the frame. The Hansen is equipped with double springs for safety reasons, each fitted with bearings for long life. The machine is footoperated, so you do not need compressed air or electricity. The bonus is that you end up with a better working environment: no dust and no noise

Alpha 1/M Super Underpinner: This machine is quickly adjustable for different widths and heights of mouldings. The top pressure pad is L-shaped steel with a hard felt pad, held in place magnetically to allow you to adjust it to the ideal position relative to the moulding profile. It has a horizontal rebate clamp to pull the moulding firmly whilst it is being joined. It uses Alfagraf 'Power-Twist' wedges which draw the moulding together as they are inserted. The insertion hammer is solid steel and is guaranteed for two years. The 'Alpha 1/M Super' takes mouldings from 6mm to 80mm wide.

Logan Framers Edge 655: The heavy-duty construction, rich features, and an attractive look make the Framer's Edge Range the preferred system for framers and serious artists. It will manage high production mount cutting as well as smaller projects. The Logan Framers Edge 660 allows you to make cuts up to 122 cm (48") long. A non-stick coated cutting bar provides smooth cutting and needs no lubrication. The parallel mount guide slides smoothly in aluminum channels, enabling quick, accurate border measurements up to 13.33cm (5.25").  A fully scaled 68.58cm  (27") squaring arm holds mounts perfectly square. 

The discounted price for this whole package is just £2038.30 +vat and delivery. For further information about individual products, please look at the Professional Equipment section of the store. 

If you really know what you are after then this is the launchpad to framing success.

Posted on: 9 Jun 2006@10:34:15, updated on: 9 Jun 2006@10:41:18.