Large Size Mountboard

If you have ever been frustrated when the framing project you are planning takes the mount size beyond the board size usually available, you will often  do either of two things: a) give up or b) modify border widths etc.    However, you no longer need to hit that wall quite so soon.  We can now supply sheets of mountboard double the size you are used to 112cm (44") x 81.5cm (32") at £6.00 per sheet (inc vat).  Even better, we can supply them in the full range of white core boards and with similar discounts for 10 sheet orders single or mixed colours: £50.00 (inc vat).

Also available are large sheets of MDF backing board 122cm x 91.5 cm: 5 sheets for £24.00 (inc vat). 

So now you can be ready to hit the big time.  The last remaining piece of the supply jigsaw is to offer pack quantities of individual mouldings.  This facility is very close to being finally finalised using Arqadia mouldings: we hope to report on that within the next month.

Posted on: 9 Jun 2006@10:38:18, updated on: 9 Jun 2006@10:42:29.