A New Adventure

This is a new "adventure" for us and one which we hope you will enjoy.  On Friday 4th August 2006 and Saturday 5th August 2006, we will be holding open days at "Headquarters" (Woodlands Studio, Beaconsfield). Opening times are: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm.

It will be the first chance for customers to see and use our direct sales shop. Has it changed since we started here last year? (picture left)  Come along and see for yourself.   We have just taken the wraps off of our new sales centre which has been created at the front of the warhouse.  This means that, in future, you will be able to visit the site and make direct purchases or place orders face to face.   Just for the two open days most of our current stock will have a 10% discount.  In addition there will be a whole range of clearence items at almost give-away prices.   Some mouldings will be sold for as little as 50 pence per metre!

As well as sales in the shop, there will be:

  • a separate area for bargain sales
  • a demonstration and problem solving area (next to the shop)
  • a seminar and display area (main training room)
  • refreshments throughout the day (proceeds to a local charity)

During the two days, the usual suspects will be on hand to help you try out new equipment, help you to pick up bargains and offer you all sorts of advice (... but just be wary of what you ask for!).  Here is a more more detailed list of what will be happenning.

FRAMING SEMINARS- (FREE but must be booked in advance)
FRIDAY 4th August

  •  Preparing Needlecraft For Framing:  11.00 am - 12.00 pm
    If you are disappointed with how your work has been framed in the past or if you are confused by how frame needlework well, this short seminar will put you right.  We look at 3 simple techniques for attaching work into a system that then become a simple framing projects.  The best bit is that all attachments are reversible and will not damage the work.  They even offer solutions as to how you can simply stretch work to bring it back into its intended shape.
  • 10 Simple steps to make BIG profits from framing at home: 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm
    Following a simple "case study" approach, we look at how you can turn a hobby into something that pays for itself.  We look at basic requirements for space, equipment and materials; where to look for business; where your expenses are (therefore how much to charge); basic organisational tools

SATURDAY 5th August

  • Producing the WOW factor:   11.00 am - 12.00 pm
    Framing can either perform a basic "packaging" function or it can make a statement.  At its best, top quality framing will add an extra dimension to the artwork it is showing.  In this session we illustrate some of the easy principles that will take your work to a new level.  If you want something to be noticed then hear what we have to say so that you turn out "framing with knobs on"!
  • Planning the perfect workspace:  1.00 pm - 2.00 pm
    No matter how big or small the space you have available to work in, there are some important considerations to be made when designing a work area.  How easy is it to take materials from delivery to storage? What is the largest picture you can frame? How do you store moulding?  Using two working examples to illustrate how you can organise the least promising looking areas, we will aim to provide solutions to some problems and help you to think a way through others.

Each session will last about 45 minutes with some time for Q&A built in (or at the end).

The best news of all is that these sessions are free; however you will have to register an interest and book a seat in advance, as there is every possibility that we will quickly run out of space.

Training Information / Display
You can also visit the Training Room where there is a display about each of our training days, the types of activity used in training and some examples of the results.  The training programme is outlined in our Course Booklets, available to all visitors.  A member of the training team will be on hand to offer more detailed information on request.

In one of the new areas of the warehouse, next to the sales counter, we will have a full range of framing equipment on show.  This is something that we are rarely able to do, even at the largest exhibitions that we attend, so it is an opportunity not to be missed.  It will mean that you have a chance to see any piece of our DIY framing equipment in use.  If you have encountered any difficulties with an aspect of framing or simply need some ideas to slve a problem on a particular project, then this is the area to visit.   In some instances you will have a chance to try things for yourself.We will have a member of the team there throughout the two days to help you with just those sort of issues. 

We are also hopeful that we will have guests from two of our major suppliers (Arqadia mouldings and Brittannia mountboards) to give you up to the minute advice and news on their current product range.

Finally, we also want to help you get the best from your tools (now, now no sly sniggering!).  We would be the first to admit that the instruction manuals are often highly informative.  However,  it is only when you start to use equipment on a regular basis and find cunning ways to work with them that, not only do the results improve, but you also extend the range of what something can actually do.  We would love to hear your handy hints for specific tools and equipment and will share those at the Open Days along with our own little gems. Any ideas, please contact Judy using email judy@diyframing.co.uk marking the subject : Problem Solving.

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