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We are keen to maintain the flow of titles to our self help "Handy Hints Pages".  The next three articles help you to do the bit that we usually consider to be the heart of the framing process. That is to say:

  • planning and cutting the mitres to produce four sections of moulding;
  • using a mitre trimmer to finish the mitres;
  • using a joiner to complete the whole frame. 

To access these new pages, go to the TRAINING ZONE by clicking on the blue tag on the left towards the top of the home page.  Select ARTICLES from the 3 sub-headings.  On the introductory page of the articles section, scroll down to find: Handy Hints Sheets (BASICS). 

These 3 downloads are free to all, so there should be no problems with printing your own sheets.

Posted on: 27 Sep 2006@08:18:18, updated on: 27 Sep 2006@08:19:31.