New Kid On The Block

We are pleased to let you know that there has been a new appointment to the Beaconsfield team, Tim Rees, who will be working on sales and dispatches (and probably everything else before long - just don't tell him that!). 

Tim's appointment was one of those lucky breaks for both parties.  The story starts some time ago ....  Tim is a woodcarver, creating free-form bowls, wooden spoons and so forth.  This led him into having a go (technical framers' term) at making his own frames and using pyrography to etch designs into his work.  Like most of us, he thought that there is probably a better way to create frames than sawing, hammering and battering the daylights out of innocent bits of pine.  Having had a go at an (inferior) bit of training, he found somebody who was selling off a complete range of framing tools.  Unfortunately, this didn't work out, so one lunch-hour he abandoned his post as school caretaker, sped up the motorway to DIYframing.  When he arrived in the doorway of a conservation framing training session,  Richard went into his best teaching mode giving out even more "useful" information than usual, being convinced that the Fine Arts Trade Guild had sent a scout to see how we do things.  After the slight misunderstanding a sale was sented, so Duncan launched into a fine sales pitch taking Tim to see his pride and joy in the Warehouse (not Alex): the new trade counter.  A chance inquiry from Tim about whether there were any job opportunities now the sales area was expanding and 10 days later he was parking "police officer" for the Open Days.

Tim is now setting up his own framing workshop to start a small business, framing from home ... if the new job gives him any time to do so.

Posted on: 4 Oct 2006@09:12:58, updated on: 4 Oct 2006@09:12:58.