Christmas Countdown

It's time to sort out Christmas gifts.  Not always the easiest of things but this time you could "make it personal". How about a little project for Christmas? First you really need to get organised and there's just enough time. Here are a few pointers to help you on your way to making a special Christmas gift. 

Twelve Days before Christmas  

A bit like an advent calendar, click on key words to find what extra information is to be found.
12 Choose or create some artwork to frame - perhaps that pastel sketch you bought on holiday in the sun or a latest school photo.
11 Try something different with the mount.  Have a go at a shadow mount or deep bevel. Check out our handy hints on mount cutting.  And don't forget we have 73 colours of mountboard available, including gold, silver Forest Green, and Cherry... very seasonal
10 Organise the specialist materials: foam core board, foam core cutter and decorative mount tapes
 9 choose and order your moulding.  Before deciding remember how to calculate what you need. (Another Handy Hint sheet).
 8 Check out our range of mouldings and see what's on special offer.  There may be something a little out of the ordinary there.
 7 Now it's time to cut your mount.  This could be the right time to look at our full range of cutters and clever add-ons such as the v-groover.  Could be a perfect gift.
 6 On to cutting the mitres.  You may have a good saw, but what about the mitre trimmer?  It's perfect for putting the perfect finish to jour cuts.  Gold frames will have perfect joins.
 5 Clamp and join the mouldings.  This could be just the right time to treat yourself to a gift that makes life less fraught for you.  Find out about our full range of joining systems.
 4 Add a glitz and shine to bare wood moulding so that your gift has a seasonal / personal touch.  There is a whole range of finishes and effects we can help you with.  If you want the whole sack full, have a look at the two frame-finishes kits. There is also the chance to see these products demonstrated at our Open Day in Beaconsfield (16th December).   
 3 Putting the whole thing together calls for a lot of those little, often forgotten extras: D-rings, tapes, bradawls, glass cleaner etc - not to mention the perfect stocking filler - a tab gun.
 2 it's a wrap!  A bit of shiny paper, bows and tinsel.  But don't forget, before all of that, to protect the frame with corner protectors and a whiz around with handywrap.

 1 And now just settle back in front of the fire with a well-deserved glass of your favourite tipple and consider how simple it has all been.  In fact why not think about our gift vouchers and then skip straight from day twelve to where you are now. 

Enjoy your Christmas and don't burn the sprouts!!

Posted on: 16 Nov 2006@09:46:17, updated on: 16 Nov 2006@10:23:09.