Frame Finishes Courses ... Great Success

If you really want to make a statement with your framing or offer your customers a truly bespoke service, one skill that will set you apart is the ability to create your own frame finishes.  With a little imagination you will soon build a repertoire of distinctive styles, adding value to the work you do as well as creating a unique look.

Our new course, Adding Decorative Effects To Frames helps you with the general principles of this way of working.  We take you through how different wood varieties and moulding styles promote different types of finish.  We also look at a range of colouring and finishing products available and how they can be used in combination with stunning results.

The first two sessions ran in October: 1 in Beaconsfield and the 2nd in Manchester.  Each one was a great success.  Students completed a set of 6 sample moulding chevrons before planning and adding effects to a pre-built frame.  The final framed pieces were remarkable, ranging from very subtle wood tones using a range of stains and waxes, to really dynamic combinations of colour stains over-laid with gilt creams. 

The students had varying previous levels of expertise in framing: some had come directly from our Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting & Decoration courses (just 3 weeks earlier). Others had completed a full business development week.  There was a similar variety in the media people wanted to frame.  One artist was looking to create frames which used a complimentary colour palette to her acrylic paintings.  Another student was looking to provide his photography with a surround, which offered a little more "depth" than some pre-finished black mouldings.  One needle worker was looking to develop a "trade-mark" style of framing for her tapestries and embroidery.

Judging by the feedback, one thing they all had in common was the inspiration to try out a whole new range of ideas.

Our next Decorative Effects course will be in the early part of January: dates to be confirmed.


Posted on: 16 Nov 2006@10:22:36, updated on: 16 Nov 2006@10:22:36.