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Dates For Your Diary


Here are a few of the courses that we have coming up over the next couple of months.

Salisbury 2nd April 2011 -
Adding Decorative Finishes To Frames.
Brighton 2nd April 2011 -
Photography & Art Framing Weekend
Leamington Spa 6th April 2011 -
Basics of Framing
High Wycombe 16th and 17th April 2011 -
Photography & Art Framing Weekend
York 14th and 15th May 2011 -
Photography & Art Framing Weekend

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Business Development Week


The coming week sees the first Business Development Week Course of 2011.  Most of the specialist framing days are completely full but the 'Business Days', for which we have a slightly higher capacity, do still have spaces available.  If you would like to learn about Organising & Planning A Framing Business (BDD1) on Monday 21st March or Creating Business Success (BDD2)  On Friday 25th March - then let us know as soon as possible and we will see if we can fit you in.  These days are full of business advice and have helped many of our students to launch themselves in their own framing businesses.

Our next Business Development week will be in November, quite a long way off, so we are considering having another at some time mid year if there is sufficient demand for it.  If you think you might be interested in attending a BDW during the middle of the year please let us know so we can look at our planning.

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Framing Sports Memorabilia

A massive growth area in framing is the display of sports jerseys.  Knowing how to lay them out, how to attach them and how to provide sufficient space between the fabric and the glass are techniques well worth learning for a commercial framer.  Our Framing Memorabilia (Sports Jerseys / clothing) course running in High Wycombe on the 21st May covers all the skills you'll need to learn so that you can go and exploit this lucrative market.
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Presenting Photography Seminar


Another aspect of our educational programme is the seminars that we run from time to time.  We have just had our first 'Presenting Photography Seminar', aimed at photographers who want to present their work either in camera club print competitions or to help them sell it to the public.  Very heavily weighted toward mounting rather than framing the seminar was a great success.

If you are a part of a camera club and would be interested in us presenting the seminar to you then please let us know.  We will have to cover our costs, either through sales or through charging for the seminar but if the group is reasonably large the price per head will not be high.  Please contact us with expected numbers to discuss the probable cost.

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Changes to our kraft tape


Customers, who have been buying Gummed Kraft tape from us, will see that the product has changed.  We no longer have 24mm and 48mm in 50 metre rolls, the new product is either 30mm or 70mm and in 200 metre rolls. The new tape is also of a slightly higher quality.  The unit cost is higher but when you take into account that the new tape is 4 times as long it is actually very much cheaper.

Gummed Paper tape is the most traditional material to seal up the back of framed work and has a real 'quality' feel about it.  It is inexpensive and easy to use too!

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Glass and Glazing

We have no way of delivering Glass to our customers but that does not mean that we don't sell it.  If you are able to collect from our showroom in High Wycombe then you can buy picture framing glass of all grades from us - for everyone else we do have acryllic in clear and anti reflective.  Click here for more info
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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


March 2011 Newsletter

The big subject this month is education.  DIYframing Limited covers most aspects of the framing business, we sell equipment and materials, but we also teach.  Under the banner of the UK School of Framing we teach across a broad range of framing subjects, starting with basic frame making and progressing right through to making a business success out of it.

Recognised by the Fine Art Trade Guild and awarded a prize for innovation for our courses we are very proud of the difference we have been able to make to so many of our customers.  Have a browse through the courses we have scheduled to see if there are areas that you could benefit from.  Every extra skill that you learn in framing should be looked at as a potential business opportunity, a chance to offer extra services to your customers, or to market your own works in new and interesting ways.


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