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You Could Still Make It!

Derby Arts.jpg

Just a quick reminder that there are a few places remaining on our more specialised courses taking place this summer in the north of England. Please note that these only happen outside of our High Wycombe base a couple of times a year so with July & August dates it might be worth striking while the iron is hot!

Framing Sports Shirts: Monday 8th July, Manchester, Heald Green Village Hall;  Adding Decorative Finishes to Frames: Friday 16th August, Derbyshire Arts;   Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Art: Monday 19th August, Derbyshire Arts

(if you want to make a long weekend of it in Derby and start with a great all-in-one framing package, we will also be running our Art & Photography Framing Weekend on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th August).

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Featured Mouldings


Back On My Black List

(by Richard Buttle, Lead Trainer DIYframing)

I was just heading out to greet an arriving student on one of our training courses, when I spotted somebody looking at a black moulding I hadn’t seen before. It was being used against photography already mounted in a black mountboard and looked amazing. The moulding in question was from the black range (although described as wenge) and has a lot of rough hewn character, giving it a really dramatic impact and a “scoop” profile that draws your eyes right into the image. In fact it had been unavailable for a while, but is now back in stock with the profile available in three different widths.


As a framer I’m being asked to use quite ornate natural mouldings and add a straight black or white finish to them: not sure whether this is a new trend or coincidence. I’ll certainly be showing this off to customers as it has more impact than a plain finish, and it could be more cost effective (time-saving).  See what you think: click Black Mouldings and view M8014BK; M8015BK; M8016BK 

Lime Wood Moulding

New to DIYframing
With ramin wood mouldings now running out, companies have looked at alternative, farmed timbers to provide similar replacements. We now stock two new, lime wood, natural mouldings from Arqadia, to replace a pair of our more popular ramin profiles.

The first is a natural, flat moulding (M4036NW) at £4.26 per m (includes vat) - replacing M4024NW: the second is a natural, cushion profile (M4037NW) at £4.74 per m (includes vat) – replacing M4018NW. Both are now featured on the new Prices PDF and on the Natural Wood Mouldings PDF.

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We've Got It All Upstairs


Anybody visiting the High Wycombe store / warehouse will have noticed a few changes underway. We have really tried to reduce the inconvenience to customers to a bare minimum, and hope it has not caused you massive problems finding what you are after. SO what are we up to? We decided to make better use of our mezzanine floor, which used to be an exhibition space, but in fact it was rarely used. However, it has meant that we have been able to establish our training room in its place, providing a brighter, more open and more flexible workspace with the bonus of a large, enclosed store behind. Although early days yet, initial feedback from trainers and students has been very positive.


It has also meant that we can bring, under one roof, all of the frame making for Sunflower Galleries. So we now have the frame construction and assembly work shops where the classroom and Britannia mountboard bays use to live and an extended kitchen area. Whilst not all of it is up and running yet, do have a look on your next visit.

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Into the Forties - 2 New Handy Hints Sheets

Handy Hints 40Products For Fine Tuning & Touching Up Frames

The quality of your framing is only as good as its finished appearance when hanging on a wall. No matter how carefully you work, there will be times where hair line cracks remain in joins, slight scratches appear after building, miss matches in corner finishes and, especially with more ornate mouldings, the delicate finishes chip off on the back edge of joins. HOWEVER, the good news is there is a range of specialised products to help you get the finish just right.


Find out more about available products and their uses by downloading our new handy hints sheet: 40 Products for Fine Tuning & Touching Up Frames

Handy Hints 41Frame Finishing Products & Their Uses

When working with natural wood mouldings it is easy to add your own finish, creating exactly the look you want. One simple, fool proof system is to follow these 5 steps:

1. Make the frame(fill & fix any defects)*

2. Prepare the surface (sand & bronze brush)

3. Colour the frame (or leave natural and skip to pt 5)

4. Add detail / embellishments

5. Add a final finish (wax, oil or varnish)

*Where crisp finishes in corners are preferred it is better to follow points 2-4 on a moulding length, before making the frame.


Find out more about available products and their uses by downloading our new handy hints sheet: 41 Frame Finishing Products & Their Uses

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Stourbridge on Sea


It doesn’t always happen that we (DIYframing) have such a speedy effect on people’s plans. From Kevin Street signing up for a framing weekend with Linnette in the middle of February 2013, through finalising a deal for a 2 month contract on a "pop-up" shop (Stourbridge on Sea) in March, to its opening in early May, must be a record for any of our customers.


Of course it could all have fallen apart at the first hurdle, but, having completed his 2 day training Kevin was really spurred on by the realisation that he could, indeed, “do framing.” Whilst High Wycombe is not on Kevin’s doorstep, he found the training there, plus the chance to take direct advice on kit and see what various items could offer, to be exactly what he needed.


“With the equipment I bought, the process was enjoyable (I am especially thankful I finally went for the Inmes 3 underpinner - anything less would have driven me to distraction!)...and ... “Thank you to all at DIY Framing, who helped and advised - and please pass on my gratitude to Linnette for her confidence boosting tuition!”

Read the Full Article

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Art & Photography Framing Weekends coming up in the next quarter of 2013:

Newcastle Upon Tyne, 22nd & 23rd June
Brighton, 3rd & 4th August
Derby, 17th & 18th August
Salisbury 31st Augst & 1st September
Cambridge, 7th & 8th September
Manchester, 28th & 29th September


For project specific training:

Framing Sports Shirts, Manchester, 8th July
Adding Frame Finishes, Derby 16th August
Stretching & Framing Canvas Art, Derby 19th August


And REMEMBER you can book single workshops / days from any weekend.


For events at our main centre click: ALL COURSES 

Reserve places NOW, to avoid disappointment.

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


June 2013

It was really good to be out and about over the first weekends in June: first of all with a stand at the Chiltern Arts Festival and then last weekend (6th – 9th June) at Patchings Art, Craft & Design Festival.  We made a lot of new contacts and hope that some have made it to the website and may even be reading one of our newsletters for the first time.


There is plenty going on at the High Wycombe HQ, with some significant reorganisation and improvements as we, once again, bring all our key framing elements under one umbrella, on one site (Big umbrella!).


We are now heading into the forties with our two new Handy Hints sheets, plus there’s news of some new mouldings in stock.  Then, between now and the end of August, our training programme has a distinctly northern feel with visits to Newcastle Upon Tyne, Manchester and Derby.  Part of that programme also includes a few of our more specialised modules that only rarely make it out of High Wycombe.


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