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500 mm x 400 mm: Meets Camera Club Requirements

BlackcoreA range of sheet materials offered in the pre-cut form makes sense for so many reasons:
  • it saves time cutting down from larger sheets
  • can save wastage
  • machine cut pieces provide an accurate starting point
  • more manageable in smaller work spaces
  • work easily with smaller mount cutting systems …

… the list goes on. 



Grey Backing Board


Our range is  set at 500 mm x 400 mm.  So many photographers need to work with this size board for club competitions, exhibitions and RPS presentations, it makes sense for us to decide on those as our “default” dimensions.


All items in the pre-sized range are available in packs of 10:


  • Polypropelene display bags
  • Grey backing board
  • Arqadia MountboardExtra-tac self-adhesive board
  • Britannia whitecore mount board
  • Arqadia whitecore mount board
  • Arqadia blackcore mount board.


For prices and further details visit Pre-Sized Sheet Materials on our DIYframing.com website.


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Slightly Damaged Mount Board


We now have a (limited) stock of slightly damaged mount board for sale.  Sold in packs of 20 sheets (815 mm x 600 mm), it is ideal for a variety of uses such as hinge backs, slip mats, fillets etc. The least damaged boards could even be used as face mounts. DETAILS

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Quercki Designs: Using Framing In a Unique Product

In the last newsletter we mentioned Quercki designs and the unique artwork they are producing. Unfortunatley we referred to the owners as the Baileys:  in fact the owners are Steve & Margaret Bradley.  Many apologies to them for the mistake, but hope you will enjoy a fresh look at their website.


Find out more about the Bradleys’ art & framing by visiting: www.quercki.com

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Thank you for your continued support.

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Pre - Sized Sheet Materials

We are always looking at new ways to present products to suit the variety of needs highlighted by people working with specific media.  After a little research and having talked to a number of existing customers (photographers in particular), it has become increasingly apparent that some pre sized materials would be highly desirable.


We have therefore opted to define a range of products sized at 500 mm x 400 mm.  This will accommodate the requirements of camera clubs, photographic societies and the many photographers, who regularly need to show their work at pre determined sizes when presenting images for competition, assessment and exhibition.


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