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IMPORTANT: Customer Alert

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As you will be aware, our mitre trimmers are manufactured to our exacting standards by a company in China.  We have always had a very good relationship with the designers and quality control departments and have even been able to build up a friendly relationship, via the internet, with those directly involved in casting and constructing these tools.  However, we have noticed recently that there have been significant delays in receiving shipments.  Claims from our Chinese colleagues that 4 palettes of trimmers and measure systems had been dispatched on time did not match up with the 3 month delays we had been experiencing.

It now seems likely that there has been an issue raised by the Chinese port authorities and HM Customs and Excise.  It is possible that our latest consignment of trimmers has been caught up in a world-wide gold smuggling operation.  Unlikely as it may sound, because the trimmers are intrinsically hefty machines, it makes them an ideal bit of kit for smuggling in using a gold/iron amalgam instead of the usual cast iron moulding.  The intention, clearly, was for these substitutes to be on the cargo schedule for DIYframing, but would be diverted and melted down, at a later date, so that the gold could be extracted. Unfortunately the wrong batch was diverted, which could mean that, unwittingly, DIYframing has passed on to its customers, illegal mitre trimmers. 

What should you do?
If you have purchased a mitre trimmer, within the last 6 months please check whether yours is one of the illegal substitutes.  Checking is easy and will not damage the trimmer.  Simply remove the handle and examine it thoroughly.  If you look carefully along the inner rim of the elliptical hole on the handle, there is usually a 7 digit serial number.  On the gold / iron substitutes this number is missing.  If you think that your trimmer is one of the illicit cargo, all you need to do is copy and send the identification code exactly as it is listed to: duncan@diyframing.co.uk

ID code:  IMNA-PR-ILF-00l

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