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Specialised Framing Workshops: Framing Canvases


We have mentioned in earlier newsletters about workshops coming up for more specific projects:

Framing Memorabilia (Sports Jerseys / Clothing), High Wycombe, Monday 14th September


Adding Decorative Finishes to Frames, High Wycombe, Monday 19th October 2015


If a Manchester venue is more helpful to you, then it’s worth knowing that we will be running:

Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Artwork, Heald Green Village Hall, Monday 5th October


These sessions offer a detailed, practical approach to framing.  Over a one day programme we look at the traditional form of commercial stretchers and hangers as well as mouldings designed especially for making your own stretcher frames. It covers the process of planning a project based on the dimensions of the artwork to be displayed, building stretcher frames, attaching the artwork and adding a "box / tray" frame to one of the two pieces you will complete through the day.


The practical elements include:

  • Cutting techniques
  • How to join mitred lengths of moulding to create both stretchers and frames
  • Use of equipment used in stretching and attaching canvas / fabric around a stretcher frame
  • Creating neat, gallery style, corners
  • How to plan, mark up and create a box / tray frame and attach a stretched piece into it
  • Specialist accessories used in attaching stretched canvases into conventional frames
  • Principles for finishing and hanging canvases.
  • How to present a “Gallery Wrap”, where no frame is to be attached.


All students complete two pieces of work - one will be a simple gallery wrap for direct hanging, the second will be a framed, stretched piece. You do need to bring two, printed canvases ready for framing.


For details of our next Canvas Stretching courses click here

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Refresh Your Training


One of the best ways of keeping fresh in your mind what you have learned on our Art & Photography Training weekends is to repeat the process straight away by completing more framing projects.  Unfortunately things don’t always work that way and suddenly you find a year or so has passed since you used the kit and with it your confidence.


To help you get re-started some may like to have a “refresher” of what’s involved in framing projects.  If you would be interested in repeating a training day as part of any of our existing training programme, then get in touch.


Contact Judy Robertson (judy@diyframing.com or telephone 0800 801061) and discuss where, when and how much (discounted price) for this fresh start.

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New Product: STAS Cliprail Pro


The latest item available from our range of STAS Gallery Systems is the Cliprail Pro System.  It is a hanging system featuring a heavy-duty rail for loads up to 45kg per linear metre.  In spite of its sturdiness, the rail design is compact and looks very attractive in living rooms as well as in professional environments.


The thick-walled and massively strong rail makes the STAS Ciprail Pro system an ideal solution when heavier works of art need to be hung. View more detail


See STAS at DIYframing


Whether you are re-decorating / designing the interior of a new room at home or setting up an exhibition / display in a gallery, STAS hanging systems provide a versatile and attractive presentation solution. It’s easy to install and has so many options available there is bound to be something you would want to use. As well as being able to adjust arrangements of pieces to suit exactly, you can bring lighting to your work as and where you need it. As a result, adjusting hanging positions, changing artwork or altering the look of a room becomes a very simple task.


To help you discover, in more detail, what STAS can offer, have a look at our series of Handy Hints sheets:

31) Hanging System Overview: provides information about the key components needed in any STAS system.

32) Installing a Clip Rail System; a step by step guide providing an example of just how easy it is to install a STAS system.

33) Hanging System Product Options: lists the range of STAS products available and what their functions are.


To find out more about how it all works, product range and prices, link to our STAS @ DIYframing page.

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Liberon Wood Filler


Liberon is discontinuing the sale of tubes of wood filler; so we now stock it in the new size, 125 ml tins.  If you’re not familiar with the product, Liberon Wood Filler is a water-based, multi-purpose filler, used to fill and repair surface damage in wood.  It is quick drying, shrink and crack resistant, and flexible. It is easily sanded, may be screwed into or nailed. The low odour, easy to use wood filler is suitable for both interior and exterior use, and may be stained, varnished, waxed or painted.


If you missed the link in a recent newsletter, find out more about how Liberon Filler may fit in with finishing and repair products to make finished frames perfect: Add Your Own Finishes


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Chop Service


If you are just starting to explore creating your own frames, but haven’t mastered the skills yet, or are on a limited budget for setting up your workshop, the chop service provides a great way of making quality frames with minimal kit.


Alternatively, you may want to work with a more expensive moulding and either don’t want the (costly) risk of making a mistake or the additional cost of carrying “waste” moulding at the end of your project. Again the DIYframing Chop Service may be just what you need.


The chop service is where we mitre the moulding to your specified size and then send you the four, prepared lengths ready for you to join.  The end result is still your own, bespoke frame, sized and styled to your personal preference.  You end up with great frames, but none of the hassle of making accurate mitre cuts. 


To discover exactly how this works read our full article: Chop Service Explained (first published Jan 2012)

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Some beautiful places to visit this summer / autumn



BRIGHTON - 8th August, Basics of Framing

DERBY - 22nd August ,Basics of Framing

BRISTOL - 29th & 30th August


SALISBURY- 5th & 6th September

CAMBRIDGE -  19th & 20th September

MANCHESTER - 3rd & 4th October

CHICHESTER - 10th & 11th Octber

TUNBRIDGE WELLS -  24th & 25th October

BRISTOL - 7th & 8th November

LONDON - 28th & 29th November


For hard copy of all courses click: Training List. To view details of events at our main centre (High Wycombe) click: ALL COURSES.     Reserve places NOW, to avoid disappointment

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


August 2015

So we are into the depths of summer (somewhere): on the bright side here’s another newsletter from DIYframing.  Don’t forget that our training programme continues around the UK and even if the rain is falling outside, in a village hall somewhere, there will be a handful of people having a brilliant time.  Make sure you check out what workshops are coming up near you.


We have also added a couple of new items to our store: a replacement for the Liberon tubes of woodfiller and a new range of rails for the STAS Gallery Hanging System.


Finally there are some reminders: firstly about some of the more specialised courses coming up; useful information available on the site, helping you with these, more specific projects along with links to products and kit used; and don’t forget the DIYframing Chop Service.


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