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OPEN DAY: Essential Information


OPEN DAY @ DIYframing: Saturday, 11th June

TIME: 10.00 am – 2.00 pm

PLACE: Unit 2, Crusader Industrial Estate, Stirling Road, Off Halifax Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe, HP12 3ST



If you are hoping to visit DIYframing for the Open Day, it really helps if you could let us know, as we can make sure we can properly cater for you all.


t:0800801061                                  e:info@diyframing.com


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OPEN DAY: What's More


MORE ADVICE: all of our staff are here to help, whether it is to locate a product in the store for you, point you in the direction of the best kit for your needs, offer advice on how to use kit / materials and suggest a few tricks of the trade.


MORE DEALS: in the run up to the Open Day we search out, refurbish and check over ex display / exhibition stock to provide great opportunities to keep costs down if you are just starting out with mount cutting and framing


MORE MOULDINGS: as well as being able to browse through our full range of mouldings, we also package together smaller lengths of mouldings at great prices.  This gives you the chance to practice your framing without spending a fortune or create smaller, more distinctive frames using some really interesting moulding styles.  Plus there are lengths of ends of run gallery mouldings: these will be longer lengths, but in styles not usually held in our warehouse stock.


MORE TO DO: for the first time there will be a “Have A Go” Mount Cutting Corner (pardon the pun) where you can try using a mount cutter to create (a first) mount / practise your technique, with some advice on hand.

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OPEN DAY: Seminars to Improve your Mountcutting


As with previous years there are our two free seminars.  Places are limited on each of these sessions and you do need to reserve your seats in advance.  These tend to go very quickly so book now to avoid disappointment.

t:0800801061                                  e:info@diyframing.com


As a reminder, download a PDF Open Day Flyer


Fundamental Mount Cutting: 10.30 am – 11.30 pm

Never used a mount cutting systems? This explores best techniques, set-up guidance and quality styles you can try from the start.


  • Exploring two, Logan cutters – how to set them up and use (highlighting potential issues)
  • Cutting mounts – the key techniques for consistently good quality cuts
  • Double mounts and hinge backs: introducing another layer with a feature shade or colour
  • Inlay mount: if you want extra colour but all in one layer



Fancy Layers: 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm

See how mount cutting systems can be easily used to do some “fancy footwork”!  Take some shots on your mobile to remind you.


  • Triple mounts – not just what an extra layer can do, but also guidance on combinations and designs that work;
  • Single-offset corners – going a bit further than the simple square off-sets shown in our Mount Cutting & Decoration training workshops
  • Double-offset corners (double mount), where in addition to a more complex offset design, we show how to introduce a second layer
  • Mosaic inlays: sometimes it’s the fine detail which makes a design really standout. Here you’ll discover how to add little feature elements of cut mount board to create amazing ornamental designs.
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COMPETITION: Last Call & Closing Date


Many thanks to the great ideas already sent in BUT there is still time to win that £50 voucher!


All you need to do is share your experiences of buying and using a Logan mountcutter.   Jot down your review in no more than 50 words and send it to info@diyframing.com and we will select the best one for a £50.00 product voucher.  

Closing date is: 3rd June 2016

Winner to be notified: 10th June 2016


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Some beautiful places to visit this summer


Specialised Training Days


FRAMING SPORTS SHIRTS - 4th June, High Wycombe


FRAMING SPORTS SHIRTS – 26th August, High Wycombe




For hard copy of all courses click: Training List. To view details of events at our main centre (High Wycombe) click: ALL COURSES.     Reserve places NOW, to avoid disappointment

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


Open Day: June 2016

Our Open Days are special because we make sure there are plenty of good reasons for people to visit the store in High Wycombe.  Rather than just a normal Saturday opening, we prepare and package all sorts of special offer deals on mouldings, organise discounted prices on a range of ex-display / exhibition goods and provide the opportunity to talk to more staff about kit, how it’s used and best options suited to your specific needs. 


Then there are the opportunities to discover expert tips about mount cutting systems, their best use and an insight into what you can create with them via our two free seminar / demonstrations.


If you want to save money and be better informed then a visit to High Wycombe is well worthwhile.


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