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New Moulding: Gallery Editions Range


Our latest addition to our moulding stock is the Gallery Editions Range.  It features colours and styles of moulding, which exemplify the best of current, contemporary looks, used in art galleries and interior design. 


This range was chosen for the soft shades and clean-cut lines, along with distressed stains, gold and silver, to provide you with stunning effects for your artwork and photography. 


From the moment you pick up these mouldings you will feel the quality and thought behind the profiles.  All of the range is also now available within the DIYframing Chop Service option.

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Econospace: More Choice


This has been a very popular new item, opening up a range of framing opportunities, where greater space away from the glass is important.  Because it is simple to use and provides such a “clean” solution, customers have really taken to it.  As a result we can now offer strips in a greater variety of depths:


  • 4 x 1.5 mm strips (1.524 m); 
  • 4 x 3.0 mm strips (1.524 m) 
  • 4 x 6.0 mm strips (1.524 m) OR
  • 4 x 9.5 mm strips (1.524 m) 


For more detail see: Econospace Spacer

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Make a Date With Manchester Training


We had another great training weekend in Heald Green, Manchester (1st & 2nd October).  The good news for those who have supported us there, we will be trialling two of our more specialised workshops over a February weekend early next year.


Over the years this venue has provided a great base for introducing people to framing their own work and helping to start /develop businesses.  It also provides a good hub for people in the north west  / north of England (and Borders), who would find travelling to High Wycombe difficult.  Therefore, rather than slot in these additional sessions either side of a weekend, when getting time away from work / other commitments is difficult, we have traded in one of our Art & photography Framing Weekends for:


3D (Box) Framing, Saturday 4th February 2017

Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Art,  Sunday 5th February 2017



Don’t leave it too long before booking as we anticipate places will be in demand, but if you need a noticeboard reminder you can download our 3D Framing & Canvas Framing flyer (PDF)

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Now We Are Training With Nobex Promaster Framing Systems


Also at the October Manchester training session we gave the Nobex  Promaster framing systems their first run out under training workshop conditions.  The results were highly impressive, people took less time to complete the cuts and with much more accuracy than the Logan saws, which have served exceptionally well, but after many miles on the road were beginning to show some “loose behaviour”.


If you have bought, or are thinking of buying one of the Nobex systems don’t forget that there are two supporting (free to download) handy hints sheets helping you set-up and use this kit.


46 Setting Up A Nobex Promaster Framing Kit

47 Working With a Nobex Promaster Framing Kit

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Framing: Simple, Supportive Steps


If you are not yet ready to do it all yourself, if you need to meet a deadline more urgently or if you are not ready to get all the kit in one go, there are several ways we can help with you framing.  Below, we have listed a variety of options allowing you to choose alternative ways of putting your artwork in a frame.


PhotoFramer provides you with a quick and easy to use website, allowing you to upload images for expert printing, choose a mount style and moulding type, ending in a bespoke, framed piece of artwork ready to hang and sent directly to you.


Pre-Sized Sheet Materials (400mm x 500mm) are a great way of speeding up mounting and framing similar size pieces.  Cellophane bags, white core & black core mount board and simple backing board are all available in this popular sizing.


Ready Made Frames are ideal if you want a fuss free method of presenting your art but with a bit more flexibility in terms of proportion.  The frame packages are available in 3 moulding styles and at 10 different “standard” sizes.  Each package consists of a frame, plastic glazing and backing board. 


Our Chop Service is available on all of our moulding profiles.  This option allows you to design and create your own, framed pieces, but secure in the knowledge that your moulding mitres have been cut for the perfect joined finish.  Plus you haven’t had to pay for, or store, any excess moulding.


IMPORTANT: Please note that all of the above are services provided “in-house” at DIYframing. Do make sure that, if you do need to complete a project to a deadline (ie Christmas), you allow time for any work to be carried out, especially as we are heading into the busiest period for the framing workshop. 

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Framing Kit Options (Price Changes)


Unfortunately, as a result of increasing product costs for us, we are having to amend some kit and equipment prices.  The knock on effect is that we have had to increase the costs of kits as shown on our Training Kit Options List (latest version)


However, if you have trained with us recently then we will honour the prices shown on the list distributed in you training pack on orders placed before the end of October 2016.

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Some beautiful places to visit this autumn and into 2017

Specialised Training Days



STRETCHING & FRAMING CANVAS BASED ART - 6th January, 2017, High Wycombe

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WEEK - 12th - 18th November, High Wycombe. Features: 3D (Box) Framing; Conservation Framing; Fabric Framing



For hard copy of all courses click: Training List. To view details of events at our main centre (High Wycombe) click: ALL COURSES.     Reserve places NOW, to avoid disappointment

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


October 2016

Properly into autumn now and, dare we say it, thoughts turning to Christmas?  Well, there’s still plenty of time to prepare, plan and create some special gifts through your own framing.


As things start to hot up in the DIYframing workshops ahead of our own framers’ busiest time of the year, we show a few supportive ways of getting your projects completed on time.


In terms of product news, we have more moulding styles to offer in our new Gallery Editions Range, more choice in Econospace and a reminder about the benefits of the Nobex Framing System (saw & measure).


Finally, with only a few places remaining on each of our Business Week training days, there’s interesting news for those with easier access to our north west training venue at Heald Green village hall, Manchester.


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