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July Open Day


Date: Saturday 1st July 2017

Opening times: 10.00 am - 2.00 pm

Entry is free.  If you do intend to visit, it would really help our planning for a smoothly run day if you could give a quick email or phone call using contacts:
t: 0800 801061 (free call)                    

e: judy@diyframing.co.uk


We know it is going to be a brilliant day - just look at what's there!  To see the detail behind the bullet points check the NEWS articles for latest updates. Or visit the dedicated Open Day page.


So many good reasons to come and see us:

  1. exciting new mouldings to order in-store for chop services
  2. 10 special offer promotions
  3. 2 excellent seminars 
  4. helpful staff on hand to assist with your queries
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FREE Seminars at our Open Day in July

As before, we are inviting you to join our two, FREE, seminars on the 1st July 2017.  Sue Harper will be leading these sessions, details of each one are listed below.


As before, please register with us using  info@diyframing.com, subject - Open Day Seminar Reservation, in order to ensure you have places booked.  


Numbers are limited for bookings, so make sure you register early as these are always popular sessions.



Mount Proportions & BalanceGetting Back to Basics: Measurements, materials, proportions and balance

10.30 am – 11.30 am:  Using a selection of images, and cutting mounts, we look at the different ways to measure and record the dimensions for all the materials you'll use in a frame.


Wash Lines in MountsWash Lines:  Adding Decorative Detail to Mounts

12.30 pm – 1.30 pm: This is an introduction to adding decorative detail to your mounts using lines and washes. Not many framers offer this technique, often used in the past for water colours.  It can be useful to know in case a customer needs you to replace an existing mount that has faded or become damaged, or as a fun alternative to a double mount or v-groove.


For more details, and to help you remember this event, download a copy of our Open Day Flyer


Look out for more details on the website over the next few weeks.

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Flash Summer Sale! This Week Only!


We are featuring some great Special Offers for online orders, until 18th June 2017.


Mount Cutter Offer: FREE pack of 10 x 270 blades, 10 x A4 sheets of mount board and our helpful handy hint sheets of mount cutting, when ordering any of the following Logan mount cutters: 301; 350; 450 and 550. Offer ends 18th June 2017.


Mitre Trimmer Offer:  FREE measurement system worth £45 included with mitre trimmer orders placed up to 18th June 2017.

Nobex Promaster Offer:  FREE Saw Blade with every Nobex Promaster, ordered before 18th June 2017.

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New Moulding Additions


We recently added extra Larson Juhl range, mouldings to our GOLD and SILVER selections. These are now available to purchase by length, or using our chop service.  To help clarify which mouldings these are, you can view these options via a PDF sheet: Extra Larson Juhl Mouldings

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Framing In Detail: More Specialised Training


Don’t be put off by the term “more specialised” framing, training.  These sessions do build on the core skills you will learn through our Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting & Decoration training days, but the specialised bit refers mainly to the fact that the new skills you will acquire relate to a more specific style of framing project, rather than requiring more sophisticated skills.


So have a look, below at the three sessions coming up: they may be just what you’re after. 



CONSERVATION FRAMING: Saturday 8th July, High Wycombe

FABRIC FRAMING: Sunday 9th July, High Wycombe

(nb only a few places remaining on each)




(Bookings are starting to come in so, book soon to avoid disappointment)

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Some beautiful places to visit this summer:

Art & Photography Framing Training Weekends:



Specialised Training Days


CONSERVATION FRAMING: 8th July, High Wycombe

FABRIC FRAMING: 9th July, High Wycombe




For hard copy of all courses click: Training List. To view details of events at our main centre (High Wycombe) click: ALL COURSES.     

Reserve places NOW, to avoid disappointment

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


June 2017

We are pleased to say that we will be holding another of our Showroom Open Days at our High Wycombe Store / Training Centre, on July 1st.  These are always a great opportunity to pick up some useful new ideas as well as discovering so much more about picture framing, kit & materials.


This month we have some great special offers for online orders but act fast - you only have until the 18th June 2017 to place your order. Also, some reminders about a few of our more “project-based” training days. 


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