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Important Dates

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Click the date for more information
Imminent Courses
Ultimate Framing Weekend – Beaconsfield: 12th -14th October (includes canvas stretching day)
Basics of Framing + Mount Cutting – Southampton: 20th & 21st October
Photo Framing Weekend – Glasgow: 27th & 28th October
Photo Framing Weekend – Nuneaton: 3rd & 4th November

Hobbycrafts – SECC Glasgow: 26th – 28th October
Hobbycrafts – Cardiff:  2nd – 4th November
Art Materials Live – NEC Birmingham: 8th – 11th April

Specials to watch out for
Custom Framing – Beaconsfield: 1st & 2nd December
Adding Decorative Finishes to Frames – Beaconsfield: 6th December

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Strong Interest From The West Country

framing in devon


We had a great time at the Hobbycrafts show in Exeter at the end of September. Apart from good sales, we met a lot of new and very interested customers. At the same time we were running a two day course (Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting & Decoration) in Topsham, only 3 miles from the show.

Many of you were surprised we had not visited before. In many ways we needed to use the show as a way of letting you know what DIYframing is all about, before running more courses in the area.

However, with that in mind and building on such a successful few days, keep a space in your diaries for:



The Ultimate Framing Weekend, in Exeter 26th – 28th January 2008. The training will consist of:

  • Basics of Framing
  • Mount Cutting & Decoration
  • Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Art

Have a look on line for details about these days.

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Calling All Arts Groups

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If you are part of an arts group (painting, needlecraft, photography) the following may well be of interest.  If you would like a training day(s) about an aspect of framing, please get in touch with our training coordinator Richard Buttle (richard@diyframing.com).  We can organise a specially tailored programme to suit your interests. If you can provide 6 or more “trainees” and a venue, there could be serious savings for your group over normal course fees.

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Art Materials Live Show 2007

art materials live


The Art Materials Live Show at the NEC Birmingham, is the last of the year. We will also be running seminars and demonstrations which will help you see how easy it is to get started.

We will be running 3 daily events: 2 on our own stand and a third in the main exhibition lecture theatres.



Titles are:

  • How to Frame a Picture – in just 45 minutes (Lecture Theatre)
  • Making Framed Artwork Look Fantastic – 10 Ideas to Try (DIYframing stand)
  • Making the Most of Mount Cutters (DIYframing Stand)

For more information about any of these click: Seminars & Demonstrations

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Product Guide: Ever Increasing Circles

Our featured product this month is the Logan oval and Circle cutterOval and Circle cutter which has often been missed from the framers shopping list due to the high cost of the product. The cutter which without doubt is the best on the market normally sells for £85 but as a special offer for October to encourage some really creative mount cutting, we have done a deal which will alow us to offer them for just £59 inc vat. This is an amazing deal that only has a limited amount of stock. So dont hesitate, order your Logan Oval and Circle Cutter today. (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE NOW)

For more information about cutting circles and ovals and what they can be used for, click: Ever Increasing Circles

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


October 2007

The mass of exhibitions we have already been involved with, plus those to come, make this the busiest part of our exhibition year.  Rather than giving details here of dates, times etc of all approaching shows, we have those details fetured on the site.  However this edition does give you a direct link to details of seminars and demonstrations we are involved with at the Art Materials Live show at the NEC in November.  As well as the usual reminder of course dates etc, we also have a product guide on the circle & oval cutters, which currently seem to be rising in popularity.


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