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Work Out While You Frame

We often tell you about the major benefits of doing your own framing.  We bang on about everything from saving money, having control over the final look of your artwork right through to earning money.  There are so many reasons for having a go, but here's one you might not have thought of.

Donna-Gail Linsdell, one of our newest trainees and valued customer, recently visited our under one roof, one stop, fully comprehensive trade counter and shop with a shopping list and a few technical questions.

During the consultation and purchase process, our highly trained and efficient operative enquired ‘if things were going well’ (based on the amount purchased!).

Donna replied that things were going very well, and that she was even learning to saw with her left hand.

Slightly bemused, but ever conscientious, our operative questioned the positioning of her Logan F100-2 Pro Saw for optimum performance within the workshop.

“Yeah, it’s working perfectly where it is”, was the reply.

“Why, then, are you learning to saw with your left hand?” came the obvious question.

“'Cos I’ve got so much framing to do that, if I just use my right hand, I’ll end up with a ‘Popeye’ right arm and a ‘granny wing’ left arm!”

Proof positive, then, of the additional physical benefits* of using an already superior picture framing tool!
*(As yet unproven by any medical professional anywhere)

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Competition Winner

Congratulations to our lucky, prize winner from the recent Open Days competition.  Yvonne Milsom's name was on the winning card: the prize a Logan 301 mount cutter,  kindly
donated by Logan Graphic Products Inc.

If you visit the home page you will see Yvonne receiving her prize from Duncan McDonald, CEO of DIYframing.

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STOP PRESS! Artists Materials Live NEC, Birmingham

As promised we can now give details of times and themes for the seminars and workshops over the 4 days at the Artists Materials Live show at the NEC, Birmingham.

You will be delighted to know that all workshops and seminars are free.  If you want to be involved with a workshop and wish to book a place, ahead of the rest, click NEWS and look for titles, times and whom to contact. 

Workshop titles are:

  • How to Create a Simple Hinge Mount System
  • Making a Double Mount
  • Learning To Make Decorative Mounts
  • Creating Decorative Mounts With Deep Bevels
  • Using Joining Tools to Create a Frame

The daily seminar (Put The Wow Factor Into Your Framing) is in the lecture theatre, opposite the DIYframing stand (AM07), and its just a matter of first come, first get seats.

For full details click NEWS and look for the latest Artists Materials Live information.

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Series 100 Professional Workshop kit update

Trying to put together a complete range of professional tools has not been easy for us.  We always try to combine affordability with quality. 

Unfortunately there is a third part to the equation: commercial reliability.  We do need to know that we can supply you speedily with the kit you order.  After trying to work with a number of companies, we now feel confident that we have some products that are sustainable on all three counts.

We have never had a problem with the Logan Framers Edge for cutting professional mounts.  This cutting system remains a favourite with framers as it combines speed, consistency and accuracy. Click FRAMERS EDGE for more detail.

The moulding "chopper" we can now offer is the VMM Foot Operated Guillotine. Features include:

  • Professional Quality Mitring
  • Measuring System Included
  • Longlife Cast Iron Bed
  • 'Bite' System for Wide Pieces
  • Uses Hardest Knives Available
  • Chip Collector Included

Even more important, "It works like a dream!" - this is the conclusion following an in-depth, technical report from the warehouse team.  For more detail click VMM FOOT OPERATED GUILLOTINE.  It is also on show at our Beaconsfield shop.

The third piece of the equipment jigsaw is the of course the underpinner.  This is a mechanical, moulding joiner, floor-standing with a pedal operated pinning mechanism.  It can be used on a wide variety of mouldings ( min 5x5mm ; max 100x70mm ) and takes v-nails from 4mm to 15 mm.  Ideal for all workshop sizes.  Negotiations are currently underway to seal a contract with a supplier.  As soon as we are able to do so, this will also be featured on the website.

These three items combined will become our Series 100 Professional Workshop kit.

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Society Of Wedding and Portrait Photographers Convention

Established in 1988 the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers was founded to service the needs of professional wedding and portrait photographers, whether in full or part time occupations. Founded at much the same time, the British Professional Photographers Associates were working with similar goals but encompassed a broader range of photographers.

Early in January 2000, two organisations merged under the umbrella of the SWPP. The new society has become one of the strongest photographic organisations in the UK, and their commitment to improving, already high, standards continues. A jewel in the crown of the events and support they provide is the annual SWPP & BPPA Convention, which is growing in both popularity and size.  It has become the event for professional photographers, guaranteed to bring you into contact with some of the most important names in the business.  There will a vast range of exhibitors and real opportunities to pick up new ideas as well as the latest product lines.

Date: Friday 12th January 2007, Saturday 13th January, Sunday 14th January

Venue: Novatel London West

This will be our second year at the convention:  last year we featured as a table, a pot plant, a sign and some frames. We had a brilliant time and generated a lot of interest in adding framing to the photography portfolio.  This year we will be there with a full stand including our range of mount cutting systems, details of our framing courses.

We have been asked to run 2 seminars:
How to Make Money from Framing; and
Putting the Wow Factor into Your Work.

We will also be running some two-day Basic Framing courses at our base in Beaconsfield to coincide with the convention.  You could combine the two and have a life-changing, long weekend!

For more details click NEWS and track down for the latest article about the SWPP Convention

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Stitch & Creative Arts Show, Manchester

This show covers all aspects of quality stitchcraft including cross stitch, sewing, card making, embroidery, knitting, patchwork, quilting, scrapbooking, ribboncraft, papercraft, stamping, beading, painting, dressmaking, tapestry, decoupage, crochet and many more popular stitch and creative crafts.  (We've probably left something out!)

Date: Friday 26th - Sunday 28th  January 2007
Venue: G-Mex Centre, Manchester

As with all the shows we attend, there will be special offers, only available at our stand, which will save you pounds if you are about to buy new kit or upgrade current tools.

This year we also hope to run two complete workshops at the exhibition venue (at our usual rates).

For all dates, times and prices click on NEWS and look for our latest article about the show.

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Special Offers

Throughout the year you will find that there is a whole range of special offers available to you.  Sometimes we decide to be generous and cut our profits (I bet your hearts bleed with concern for the state of DIYframing's profit margins!!) .  Sometimes a product range changes slightly and so we have a bit of a clear out.  And other offers are permanent features.  To make the most of DIYframing's generosity look in the STORE, click on BROWSE and find the special offers sections. 

Current specials are:

  • lucky-dip mountboard packs
  • 20 m moulding packs
  • short length moulding packs
  • gummed paper (brown) tapes

Its always worth checking here as offers do change frequently.  For quick access from this newsletter click SPECIAL OFFERS.

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Ever Considered The Chop?

We are having increased interest in the professional chop service that we can provide.  Its a bit of a Ronseal affair: you tell us how big you need the frame to be and we chop four pieces of moulding (with acuratelly trimmed mitre ends) and send them to you.  The charge is £1.00 per cut.

By cutting out (pardon the pun) the messy bit of the framing process, it could make framing your own work quite an easy option if space is an issue.  The chop service can also be highly valuable if dealing with awkward, ornate mouldings or ones that are just too heavy or broad for you to work with.

However there are two very important things you need to help us with:

  1. we do need 24 hours notice (& delivery time) in order to meet your order;
  2. we need to have accurate dimensions of your artwork. 

The measurement we are after is referrred to as the GLASS SIZE.  If you imagine your artwork behind glass, you need to provide the length and height of the piece of glass you would fit the artwork behind.  If the piece is mounted, then the glass size will be the same as the outside dimensions of the mount.

On the subject of frame size, making the right decisions about the quantity of moulding you need for your own framing projects can actually save you time and money.  To help with that little problem, why not check out our Handy Hints sheet (click ARTICLES) to find a  (BASIC) downloadable sheet:

Choosing The Style & Quantity of Moulding For A Frame. 

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


October 2006

Having just looked back to the newsletter in November 2005 (our very first on the new website) it is amazing to see how much has happened in the 12 months since.  It must be the mellow autumn evenings that make you review life!  Did you know that you can read through the archive of newsletters and relive the past year?  Not sure it would make the evenings seem any shorter though.

However, this month's effort is full of ripe little "fruits", helping you to plan your way through the dark days of autumn and winter.  There are exhibitions and trade shows coming up at regular intervals, news on the latest version of our Series 100 Pro Workshop kit, details of special offers and even how to keep fit at the workbench. 


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