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Dates for your Diary

CalendarUpcoming events that you may be interested in, we have had a great rush of interest in our courses over the next couple of months and several of them are either completely full or are getting close.  If you are interested in joining one then please let us know as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The course in Salisbury has been set up as a result of an enquiry on our 'request a course' link on the website, click here to read more. Click the venue to see what course we are running.

* The Business Development week consists of 7 days of instruction on a wide range of topics.  individual days can be booked, follow the link to see what is available.
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Business Development Week.

Profit and Loss

We have always referred to this as a 'week' but actually it is 7 'days'.  Each day is self contained and can be booked on its own so if you just want business advice, or just want to know how to frame to conservation standards you can book just those days. If, however, you want an intensive grounding in the whole business of framing then the week long course will prepare you well.

Click here for details

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Chop Service

Chop ServiceChop Service is an easy way to get really accurate frames,  sometimes you just don't want to have to get your equipment out, sometimes the moulding you are using is just too temperamental! Whatever your reason, we can chop for you, perfect mitres, delivered by courier, ready to assemble. 

Click here for details
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Frame Assembly Kit

Frame Assembly KitIf you are using our Chop Service, the only tools you will need are included in our Frame Assembly Kit 2.  A Logan Studio Joiner and a Tab Gun - all you will then need is a bottle of wood glue - and we'll throw that in for free!

Click here for details


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Glass Handy Hints Sheet

Handy Hints about Glass

Our number one trainer, Richard Buttle has prepared a new 'Handy Hints' sheet on choosing the right type of glazing for your framing projects.  All the glass types that we stock here in High Wycombe are described in detail (and no I didn't realise there was so much detail available either). We don't supply glass for delivery but if you are able to collect from us in Cressex then we have them all available.

This Handy Hints sheet complements the other ones we have available on cutting glass to size.

Download it here


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Seminar on Presenting your Photographs

We Mentioned in our last newsletter that we would be holding a seminar on presenting photography, this will explore the possibilities available in mounting your work.  We have now settled on a date to 'Test Drive' this seminar, which will be 15th March.  There will be two sessions, from 10am to 12.30 and from 1.30mp to 4pm. If you would like to attend you should reserve a place by e-mail to ben@diyframing.com or by telephone: 01494 459 545. 

We look forward to seeing you...

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


February Newsletter 2011

Running a framing business can be very rewarding, it is how I started and it is still an important part of what I do.  Business does need to be learned however, it's no good assuming that everything will just be OK, there are a multitude of thngs that are best considered before you start the seroius business of making money.

We have been running Business Development courses as part of the UK School of framing for some years now, and our next one is coming up quite soon.  If you would be interested to learn about the right way to set up a framing workshop or how to cost a framing job then this could be a really useful event.  During the week you can choose different 'modules' to suit your particular interests, Conservation Framing, Framing Fabrics or 3D Framing as well as the more business oriented days.  This flexible approach to training allows you to build up your skills at your own pace, booking any individual day.



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