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At the end of October there are a few places remaining on our Glasgow training weekend, 29th & 30th plus we will be at Hobbycrafts Glasgow SECC . Early in November you'll find us at the Art Materials Live show (NEC) with the first of our November training weekends in Gloucester. Later in the month we will be in Maidstone (re-arranged from October). In December we go to York when we will also be running a Canvas Art Framing day and don’t forget our Open Day at High Wycombe on the 9th December. Straight after Christmas we return to Cambridge with Leicester shortly afterwards.


Don’t forget in November our Business Development Week.


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New Training Sessions


Whilst on the subject of training dates it’s really good to get feedback about what other sessions people are after, near them. We have just completed two very successful add-ons in Manchester: Framing Sports Shirts and 3D (Box) Framing). Both training days came about because a number of people asked in the first instance to try and set these up.


As a result of more requests we can draw your attention to two more training days away from High Wycombe: Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Art, Monday 5th December in York; Framing Fabrics, Monday 6th February, Manchester.


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Develop Your Business


Coming up in November is our Business Development Week. Remember days can be booked as individual training modules.  You can also take advantage of great discounts: all 7 days for £999 (you save over £200); if you’ve completed a basic weekend, book the remaining 5 days for just £707.88.

If you can’t make our full business week, why not home in on the two business days to help get your ideas structured? The two sessions (21st & 25th November) will help you create an in depth development plan for your own particular business. DAY1 - Organising & Planning a Framing Business: we cover the practical side of getting organised, exploring areas such as pricing, professional framing kit, workshop layout and bespoke framing ideas. DAY2 - Creating Business Success: on the second Business Day we start to build up your own bank of ideas for how to fill your order book and create your own Unique Selling Points.


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Brand New - DIYframing Kits


We are pleased to announce an exciting new initiative: a whole range of framing kits. The aim has been to provide a quick route to getting started with your own framing, whilst taking account of your budget, background and where you want to go with your projects.


What we have come up with is a range of six Framing Equipment Kits, Fixings and Hardware packs and framing “toolboxes” comprising of the more general workshop items we use with all framing. Now it should be possible to find something that will either give you everything you need all in one go, or the chance to home in on just the main framing kit.  The big bonus is that in buying a kit you will also receive substantial amounts of DIYframing vouchers to help you with purchases as soon as you start framing.


For links to the kits, read the full article.


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Bargain Basement


If you are on the look out for really knocked down prices then check out our new BARGAIN BASEMENT section of the store.  Here you will find occasional / special purchases featured, end of run / ex gallery mouldings, ex display stock etc.  Make sure you dip in on a regular basis as we aim to change items shown here as stock is sold on and new things become available.

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Glass @ DIYframing


All of our glass products are now visible on-line.  Please note these products have to be collected, Monday to Friday only, and orders should be placed over the phone.  A cutting service is also available, but a minimum of 48 hours notice is requested for these orders.  You will notice that there are discounts available for bulk orders, so a special visit to our High Wycombe store might be worth arranging.

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STAS Hanging System


Whether re-decorating / designing the interior of a new room at home or setting up an exhibition / display in a gallery, the STAS hanging system provides a versatile and attractive presentation solution. It’s easy to install and has so many options available there is bound to be something you would want to use. As well as being able to adjust arrangements of pieces to suit exactly, you can bring lighting to your work as and where you need it.  Having stocked STAS for some time, we recognise it may not always be easy to find your way through the range of products or discover how to install a system. To help with that we have produced 3 Handy Hints sheets:

  • 31) Hanging System Overview
  • 32) Installing a Clip Rail System
  • 33) Hanging System Product Options

Please note to view these titles you will need to be a member and then view via the Handy Hints page.

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Pound Barn Gallery


Michael and Jane Evans have turned outbuildings in the grounds of their Gloucestershire home into a gallery and exhibition centre. Whilst the premises had been used previously as part of a business, transforming them into a gallery, framing centre and tea room poses its own set of problems. However, having had to gain planning permission, research the look of the interior design and then complete the work, Pound Barn Gallery opened at Easter 2011. As they have kitted out the gallery space with STAS hanging systems, we asked them to tell us about the background to the gallery and how they started the whole thing up. The result is a completely different “case study” where framing isn’t the main feature: nevertheless the business is still all about art. Read more @ Pound Barn Gallery

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Project 9: Bold With The Gold


When we began stocking the full range of Arqadia mountboards it was exciting to see such a massive colour choice. With no difference in cost between whitecore and conservation boards it means that offering better protection for some artwork can become quite “main stream”. More intriguing were the different finishes: a wider range of black core boards and foil boards. And then there is the suedette. This has a sumptuous, rich quality and clearly lends itself to displaying items such as medals. However, for this project we wanted to bring out the bling and create a really warm, luxurious project, taking a simple print and giving it a massive makeover. The result is a new entry in our library: Bold with the Gold

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


October 2011

Here's a bit of reading to help as the evenings draw in.  Loads of information about training dates, venues and detail about the fast approaching business development modules: hope to see some of you here at High Wycombe on one or all of those days.  However the big news is about our new framing kits: these offer a range of complete solutions to get your framing workshop going, whether from your kitchen table or a purpose built studio.


This month we also managed to get back to some good habits, with new offerings on the Handy Hints, Case Study and Project Library fronts. 


So, we hope you enjoy a packed edition and do remember our next Open Day, 9th December, 10.00 am - 2.30 pm.


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