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Dates (Special Offer Featured)


Starting with February, there's just time to mention Manchester, where we will also be running a Fabric Framing training day. For those already booked / or  booking on the training in Newcastle Upon Tyne, there is a SPECIAL OFFER: £10.00 DIYframing voucher for each of the days you book. That's a very good deal.

In March we will  host another Business Development week starting on 17th March. (For details & discounts read the item below). In April we head for Exeter, then Brighton and, finally, a visit to Belfast.

Don't forget we have a full training programme at High Wycombe (HQ): next Art & Photo Framing Weekend is 18th & 19th February

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What Else You Can Do In 2012


Over the last few years numbers on our Art & Photo Framing Weekend sessions have increased and workshops seem to fill up quite readily. As a result, we have started to attach additional courses to the programme. This lets us try to give some of the “development / project specific” training days a chance to run in venues away from our main base, giving you a chance to build on the foundation sessions you may already have completed. Recently we tacked on canvas stretching to our York visit and Sports Shirt framing & 3D (Box) Framing to our Manchester run. If enough takers are out there we intend to do this more frequently. Let us know if you would like us to attach a course(s) to a training weekend in your area. In the meantime have a look at what else you could try in 2012: 3D Framing; Framing Fabrics; Conservation Framing; Stretching & Framing Canvas Art; Adding Finishes to Frames; Framing Sports Shirts.

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Learn to Earn


A Business Development Week is our way of packaging 7 days training for convenience.  If you need to get started from scratch to earn money from framing as quickly as possible, you can sign up for all seven days, benefiting from great discounts. Book all 7 days and you ... Save over £200.00 paying just £999.00 .  You may have completed the first two days already and now want to complete the other 5 sessions: again there are savings to be made: book the remaining 5 days and ... Pay just £707.88

If you just want to discover more about the practical side of running framing as a business (or part of), then the two business development days might be more what you are after.  Finally, you may just want to extend your range of core framing skills by signing up for one or more of the next 3 practical workshops.  Whatever approach you need, the BDW is flexible enough to match your specific choices.  For more information, link straight to the March Business Development Week details on the DIYframing site or read the advertising PDF (Business Development week).

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Training Room Put to Good Use


As well as being an experienced picture framer, our new trainer (Aza) also provides tuition around the UK in a range of art media and techniques: painting miniatures and creating stained glass panels to name just two.  It made us realise that, with our practical training room at High Wycombe, there is an ideal opportunity to extend the use of our space. 


This means two things: first of all we hope to invite Aza to run a “stained glass panel” making workshop.  If you are interested in joining this, please contact info@diyframing.com and we will then keep you directly informed of any updates.


Secondly, if you need a space to run any type of workshop, practical, arts based or otherwise, why not find out what we can offer?  Possibilities include weekdays, weekends and even occasional evenings.  Again, contacts should be made by phone or email (as above).

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Best Deals


And in the Bargain Basement this month are:

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Problem With Your Pro Saw?


We have been alerted to a couple of issues relating to Logan Pro Saws purchased since November 2011.  The problem, by no means, affects all saws; however if you have had a problem with your saw, please contact DIYframing.  We have made Logan aware of the specific fault and they have now forwarded the relevant parts for us to pass on to those affected.

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All Change For Mountboard


You may well be aware that Britannia Mountboard has recently changed its colour range of white core & black core boards: some shades are similar / same, but many have new names.  Until recently we were able to supply the full, old range while stocks lasted: however the balance has changed with fewer of the previous shades remaining. As a result we have updated the site to reflect the new colour palette.  Some old shades remain in stock and will remain listed until they run out.  Where a new name replaces an old, we have listed the "original" one in brackets: please note however that the actual shade and /or texture may have altered from those of its predecessor.

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Project 10 Spoiler


Just before Christmas we ran a seminar at our Open Day.  Our trainer, Richard, demonstrated ideas around making simple items into decorative, framed pieces by exploring ways of adding your own paint effects, mount cutting and decoration styles and some ideas for attaching a variety of items into frames.  The sessions were so well received we will be writing them up in the next month for our project library: so watch this space.

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Inmes Wedges / V Nails In Stock


We now have a full range of Inmes wedges / v-nails on line and in stock ready for purchase.  There are normal and hardwood versions in a variety of depths for each of the two Inmes underpinners we supply: IM-2 uses colour cartridges & IM-3 uses Uni Wedges. Click HARDWARE for link

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Damage to Small Businesses from the Artist's Resale Right

One of our customers has written explaining their concerns about the extension of the Artists Resale Right and specifically about the potential threats to those with small businesses. We have included here their concerns along with ideas for registering your feelings about the changes.  Please read the FULL ARTICLE or if you are familiar with this issue and want to add your name to the petition, please follow this link: - Damage to small businesses from the Artist's Resale Right

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


February 2012

Here we are in February with every indication of icy weather to come.  What could be better than working in a cosy workshop, getting organised, upgrading kit and framing supplies, and getting stuck in to your projects for the new year?  Well it would certainly work for us. 


The February newsletter hopes to help you get started with the nitty gritty of training coming up, kit and materials updates plus some thoughts to get your brain ticking now the Christmas / New Year furore has subsided.


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