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CHRISTMAS BAZAAR - A Tasteful Finish to the Framing Year?

Christmas tree.jpg

This year we have established another new course to add to our programme of training.  The frame finishes course has now run on two separate occasions and, as reported in last month's newsletter, received a very positive response.  We will be running more of these sessions (Adding Decorative Finishes to Framing) in the New Year.

If that seems too long to wait, then why not come to

The Christmas Bazaar, 16th December 2006, 10.00 am - 3.30 pm, at Woodlands Studio, Beaconsfield. 

Our training coordinator Richard Buttle will be leading two presentations about adding distinctive finishes to bare wood moulding. Each session will cover:

  • which moulding styles suit different media;
  • general principles in preparing frames and adding protective finishes,
  • a guide to the products available for use
  • useful tips and ideas about how to create a really distinctive look to your framing. 

Sessions run from 10.30 - 11.30 am and 1.30 pm - 2.30 pm

Other attractions at the Bazaar:

  • 10% off all, normal catalogue prices (nb does not apply where prices on items or kits have already been discounted)
  • ex-display stock at specially reduced prices
  • bargain bundles of some sheet materials, mouldings and mountboards
  • chance to see (and purchase) new range of kits
  • demonstration of framing tools and equipment including professional workshop equipment: Framers Edge mount cutter, Alpha underpinner and Charnwood moulding guillotine
  • experts on hand to help you with framing queries about specific equipment and framing projects.

And all of this rounded off with good cheer not to mention mulled wine, coffee and mince pies

A second new course is currently being developed and will appeal to artists (using oils and acrylics), fabric workers and photographers alike - especially with the rise in popularity of printing images directly to canvas. 

The title will be Canvas Stretching and Framing and will look at the process of making bespoke stretcher frames, how to attach canvas based artwork to them and how to create particular frames in which to hang the "stretchers".  As well as the usual practical activities in which students will make their own framed works(2), there will be plenty of guidance on the various methods and hardware used in attaching canvases into a whole range of moulding styles.  For details of the first session (included as day 2 of a two day special) click: CANVAS STRETCHING SPECIAL

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Framing Photography - A New Year's Resolution?


What is more exciting than being able to use your own artwork to decorate your home?  At one time it was only the traditional media such as paints, pastels, charcoal, sketching and needlecraft where hobbies could be taken further without highly specialised facilities.  With the advent of digital photography, the need to set aside specialised work areas and learn the skills of darkroom work have diminished.  Better quality digital cameras and accessible imaging software mean that more, expert amateur photographers are joining the ranks of the professionals in taking control of their artwork. 

Now individuals are looking to make their photographic images distinctive, unique and have more visual impact.  The fact that it is easily possible to have images printed onto canvas makes a further photographic "art-form" more accessible.  So there is always a queue of photographers wanting to find out about:

  • how to present and market their own photography
  • how to prepare work for competition;
  • specialised materials available;
  • mounting work for direct sales;
  • tools needed for mount cutting
  • adding a bit of extra "drama" through framing to make your
  • how to make work stand out from the rest.

Photography Framing Specials have really hit the mark over the last 14 months.  Courses have run all around the country.  Some of our very first students are now up and running, marketing their own photography as well as providing a bespoke framing service.

The next available framing photography days in the New Year will be:

Manchester: January 27th & 28th 2007. 

There are a few places still left, so if you want to make a real difference to the start of a New Year, why not give us a ring or contact judy@diyframing.co.uk   Read on for further details.

In addition to the normal programme of activity covered in the two courses, BASICS OF FRAMING and MOUNT CUTTING & DECORATION, On the Photography Framing

Specials we take account of:

  • specialist boards used for flat mounting
  • using a hinge mount as a means of protecting and supporting your prints
  • using the aperture of the mount to create a dynamic view
  • using black core mountboard
  • looking at appropriate moulding styles for photography
  • making good colour choices when mounting your prints;
  • using texture and neutral colours to best effect when
  • working with mounts for black and white photography;
  • what sort of mountcutting systems are ideally suited to mounting photographs;
  • packaging mounted photographs for direct sale or preparing a portfolio of work to illustrate framed pieces; 

Of course, over the two days you will still complete a series of practical tasks, so you will leave with:

  • a framed photograph
  • a series of mounts, cut in different styles
  • at least one mounted and packaged photo ready for sale (or framing)
  • an example of a multiple opening mount


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Everything For A New Business

pro 100 150.jpg

Is next year the one where you make the break? There has been a massive interest in the whole concept of turning framing into a business enterprise over the last few years. Some people want it as an additional source of income, some use framing to support the marketability of another product: for example framing memorabilia or their own artwork. And others have homed in on bespoke framing to provide the central feature of a small business and completely re-invent their lifestyle.

There is never one complete toolkit that will cover every framing project you will be asked to take on. However, at DIYframing we have always prided ourselves in being able to offer a range of kits, each one providing you with everything you need to take on your first projects. These kits have taken account of the amount of orders / projects you are likely to bring in, the budget you have available, the workspace you will be using and your own skill levels. All kits have been brought together using the products most suited to those factors outlined and are heavily discounted. Another, very important factor is that they have been put together based on the experience and knowledge of people who, themselves, started doing their own
framing from kitchen tables and garden sheds ... and have survived to tell the tale!

So, now that people are looking to expand their framing empires and / or start by developing framing as a major part of their income, it is important to devise a similar approach when looking at the first of our "professional" kits. We had already made a start by trying to establish the three major elements of the kit that every professional framer needs: mountcutter, underpinner and moulding chopper. This was difficult at first because finding suppliers of well priced, good quality tools who were also reliable with deliveries etc made the search take a little longer than anticipated. That is now sorted and, again, we have chosen tools which can be accommodated in a relatively small workshop space and are all manually operated. The next stage was to turn this basic "threesome" into a complete workshop kit: once delivered you can start working.

The result is the new Series 100 Pro-Workshop. Main tools are:

  • Foot Operated Chopper ( & spare chopper blades)
  • Alpha Underpinner
  • Logan 655 framers edge
  • Tab gun
  • Toyo glass cutter
  • Logan 40" Adapta Rule

... and in addition to the tools are:

  • 1 box 10mm v nails
  • 500 d-rings
  • 500 screws
  • 500m cord
  • 5 sheets styrene (plastic glass)
  • 5 sheets mdf
  • 5 sheets (56 cm (22") x 81.5 cm (32" )) mountboard
  • £30 worth of moulding
  • full sets of moulding and mount samples
  • PVA glue
  • 100 bumper pads

Normal retail price of separate items would be £2720.59. As a kit, the price has been discounted at £2500.00

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A Truly Diet-Conscious Christmas Hamper!

Large Finishes Kit 150pixels.jpg

As a special Christmas treat, you can now indulge yourself in a Christmas Hamper that won't put on the pounds (... you may loose a few). We mentioned in previous newsletters and articles, that we now offer two frame finishes kits; our Christmas Hamper is a unique opportunity to buy a finishes kit with a strongly seasonal tone.  The "hampers" contain a range of elements aimed at putting the colour, glitz and shine into special frames.  Included in the package are green and blue palette wood dyes, metallic varnishes, gilt creams and patina pencils.  These would be an ideal gift in themselves or could be used to add a special touch to any framed gifts you may be making.

Because supplies are limited, these hampers will only initially be available at discounted prices during our Open Day on December 16th.  Available while stockings last!

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


Christmas Edition

What an amazing year.  Successful for DIYframing, but equally beneficial for the many of you who have taken part in our training throughout the year.  Since we started our programme of courses, seminars and workshops, the number of people we have worked with is now into the thousands.  All training days we have run this year have been full; on occasions we have even needed to set up extra sessions up to cope with demand.  The Photography Framing Specials have become very popular, helping at least 100 of you to add another means of creating income from your own artwork.  Similarly, the Business Development Weeks have provided an essential start and bank of ideas to turn what has been a dream for some into reality.  We know of at least 20 new small businesses that have taken their early steps with us. 

So this newsletter finishes one year with a few reminders of what has gone before, information about some new bargains and a hint of things to come, with a busy and exciting new year ahead.

And, of course a big "thank you"  for your continued patronage, support and interest.  We wish you all, the very best of Christmas celebrations, festivities and season's best wishes.

Our first newsletter of 2007 will be given over to the theme:  New Year, New Business. 


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