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For more details about venues, dates and booking information please click to view: 

SOUTHAMPTON, 19th & 20th May

NORWICH, 16th & 17th June

NEWARK, 30th June & 1st July;  

MANCHESTER, 7th & 8th July;  

GLOUCESTER, 14th & 15th July;  

BRIGHTON, 21st & 22nd July;  

NUNEATON 18th & 19th August;  

SALISBURY 1st & 2nd September

And REMEMBER you can book single workshops / days from any weekend.


For events at our main centre click: HIGH WYCOMBE

Reserve places NOW, to avoid disappointment.

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Master Classes With David Wilkie, GCF


Dates: 23rd & 24th June

If you ever want to improve the quality of your framing, practise is essential.  Perfecting cutting techniques, experimenting with ideas from books and what you can pick up from looking at other pieces of artwork hanging in galleries or in shops.  But there is always that “how did they do that moment” not to mention just knowing what else there is you can do.  And you really would be amazed.


However, knowledge and inspiration are at hand.  The things that books do not explain (clearly), and the innovative ideas that only come with experience and a creative / inventive mind, are available over our Master Class weekend.  David Wilkie, Guild Commended Framer, has put together a range of practical activities and demonstrations that provide a catalyst for you to become truly, bespoke framers.  You have the chance to watch and try things, you have access to David’s wealth of knowledge and, if you have a burning question, not only will he provide the answer, he will show you how. MORE>>

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Next Level Workshops

Canvas FramingFor those of you moving on to more specialised projects, do remember the range of 1 day workshops we have coming up this year. Links will take you to more detail and next dates.

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Additions to Training Programme


On the theme of our training programme, don’t forget those new takes on our signature training package:

REFRESHER DAY: (20th May High Wycombe) If you’ve forgotten more than you’ve remembered about the Art & Photography Framing weekend, this one day course will quickly bring your skills and confidence back up to speed: MORE>>

PART - TIME: Basics of Framing: (21st & 22nd June, High Wycombe) - if you can’t spend a full day away (school run beckons?) this workshop is identical to our Basics of Framing Day, but split over 2 days.  You get the same practical background, information base and experience; you just finish each day at 2.00 pm: MORE>>

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Spring Specials - FREE Seminars


Multi - Aperture framing can provide some real design challenges, not to mention needing a bit of extra know-how. Ahead of the Whitsun bank holiday break, we are hosting some FREE framing seminars at our High Wycombe store & training room. There will be 2 different, 2 hour sessions (1 per day - includes coffee break). The sessions will look at how to accommodate depth away from glass and ways of adding bands of colour across a mount. Please contact us on info@diyframing to reserve a place as it is the way we gauge our preparations. To see the full detail of each session click MORE>>

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Helping Hands - New Handy Hints Sheets


We are often asked for advice about mount border widths, what they should be and any special formulae there might be for "getting them right".  Similarly, we need to help people understand the need to maintain, adjust & fine tune your mount cutter all through its life.  Therefore we’ve come up with a few more Handy Hints sheets to help in these two areas. Visit our HANDY HINTS LIBRARY to find sheets 34 - 39


4 sheets helping you to understand how and why different proportions of border width work, when displaying artwork.  From practical planning tips to illustrated guidance on how to arrange multi - aperture groupings.


The second set is all about understanding how to spot and rectify problems with bevel edge cuts.  There is guidance on how to check and fine tune your cutter as well as “trouble shooting” some of the problems you might encounter with cuts.

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


May 2012

This month it's worth looking at our training dates and range of workshops running from now into late Summer.  With holiday plans and potential for barbies, you don't want to miss out  on our latest offerings.  Also there are some free Spring Seminars with a "multi-aperture" theme, where we look at some of the issues around framing 2D & 3D items in one frame, as well as a different twist on bringing colour changes to mounts.  Lastly we have some freebies: a range of Handy Hints sheets looking at ideas and reasons for the proportions / style used in mounts and some ideas to guide how to re-tune your mount cutter.


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