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Open Day, February 16th


DIYframing Open Days are always well attended, with genuine bargain buys, special offers and the free seminars: we are sure February 16th will be no different.  


This year we are recognising 10 years of trading under the DIYframing banner so it would be great to catch up with those of you who remember our roots in Beaconsfield, as well as those, who have just spotted us via Google.


If you do want to join the seminars, please let us know as soon as possible: only a couple of places remaining.  For more detail see: Open Day February 16th 

Date: Saturday, 16th February

Venue: DIYframing, High Wycombe (see location)

Open: 10.00 am - 2.00 pm

Seminars: 10.30 am & 12.15 pm (60 min sessions, different themes)

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Presentation and Focus

Focus Demo 2013The great thing about being at Focus on Imaging is that, with its central location and great transport links, we get to meet so many more customers and friends from around the whole UK.


With "Presentation" as our main theme this year, we can show you a whole raft of ideas and kit for displaying your images at their very best.


Find us on stand Q15 to see:

  • the full range of Logan cutting systems (probably the most complete range at the show);
  • details of our training programme;
  • the range of kit needed to do your own framing; 
  • expert staff showing you how to be creative with mount cutting - ask us how to do a particular style and we'll show you!
  • what kind of seminars / demos we can offer your camera club 
  • how our chop service can help cut corners with your framing;
  • what a design-led, gallery, hanging system looks like - we aim to have elements of the STAS hanging system for sale (a work of art in its own right);
  • competitive show pricing.
Whatever your reason for finding us at Focus, we will be delighted to see you. 
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Freebird Framing Takes Off


Of the many case studies we have featured, Freebird Framing is a truly unique example of how DIYframing was one essential part of a business idea, that is beginning to fulfil a real ambition. 


About 8 years ago Peter Turvey took some old rock concert tickets and albums into a local framer. He wanted the concert tickets to be framed with the album covers and vinyls.  This planted the seed for a  potential business concept. Another six years passed before that finally translated into action, with Peter searching the internet for opportunities to learn how to frame.  One year after their training weekend with DIYframing in Maidstone, Peter and Jo Turvey opened for business as Freebird Framing, from their gallery and workshop at a Worcestersire craft centre. 

Peter’s passion is music and the USP at Freebird Framing is framing vinyl records. Read the whole story.
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Business Development

Business Development Week OptionsRemember, if you want to extend or develop a business around picture framing, the easiest way to find out more is by talking to people who have made it work for them. Our Business Development Weeks are a unique product, both in terms of their content and the many ways you can access them. You don't even need to be thinking about business, you might just need to know how a more specific area of framing works.


The options are:

  • book all 7 days (saving over £200);

  • already completed the 2 Basics modules? Book 5 days (save over £200);

  • just need the business ideas, book just the two business days

  • need some particular framing skills, book any or all of the 3 practical days



Find out more about what you could get from our next programme, running from 16th - 22nd March at DIYframing, High Wycombe.  With the next BDW not running until November, now's the time to get organised and book your sessions while there are places left.


And, as promised, here's the next installment of our 2008 articles about starting your own framing business: Fundamentals of Starting Up a Framing Business.

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Art & Photography Framing Weekends coming up in the next quarter of 2013:

Brighton, 9th & 10th March 
Derby, 13th & 14th April
Exeter, 27th & 28th April
York, 10th & 11th May
Southampton, 17th & 18th May
Norwich, 15th & 16th June
Gloucester, 22nd & 23rd June
Newcastle Upon Tyne, 22nd & 23rd June


For project specific training:

Business Development Week, High Wycombe, 16th - 22nd March

Adding Art Finishes to Frames, High Wycombe, 21st May


And REMEMBER you can book single workshops / days from any weekend.


For events at our main centre click: ALL COURSES 

Reserve places NOW, to avoid disappointment.

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Last Call For Specials Courses


Here's a final reminder that we have two training sessions coming up in a few days time.  These build up skills in more specialised areas, but would be totally within the range of anybody who has completed our Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting & Decoration courses.


These are:

Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Art - Monday18th February, High Wycombe

Framing Memorabillia (Sports Shirts) - Tuesday 19th February, High Wycombe


There's just enough time to book one of the remaining places.

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


February 2013

February's newsletter is full of reminders about fast approaching dates and opportunities.  Focus on Imaging 2013 is always a massive feature of the DIYframing calendar; this year we are making "presentation" a major theme, and hope you might come along to see how you can use a whole variety of kit to make your work stand out even more.  


A second big event in our year is the Business Development week: a complete training unit in itself, but there are so many ways you can cherry-pick what you need to help in your particular circumstances.


But, don't let any of that distract you from reading our latest case study: Freebird Framing shows how you can turn a passion into a unique style of business.  In this case framing is the means needed to the desired end.  Have a good read.


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