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The Essentials

The DIYframing Store / Warehouse will be CLOSED on Saturday 2nd March.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused 

Focus Stand Q15


Focus Basics: With over 20,000 sq.m of imaging in two halls, plus over 200 exhibitors, this makes FOCUS the largest imaging event staged in the UK and the largest annual event of its kind in Europe. 

Find us on Q15 to see the latest tools and materials available for photographers, who wish to make their own frames. Our team of trainers, all bespoke framers in their own right, will be on hand to discuss details of setting up a workshop, training and best products for your individual needs. 


Open: 3rd - 6th March

Times: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm daily (Wednesday 5.30 pm) closing

DIYframing: Hall 10, Stand Q15

Floor plan: Click for link

Venue: NEC Birmingham 

For more about Focus on Imaging, visit: Focus Home Page

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Special Offer: Mount Board - Britannia A1 White Core


Buy any 20 (A1) sheets of Britannia white core mount board (560 mm x 815 mm) for just £50.00*  POSTAGE PAID.

* Normal price per sheet is £3.13, plus £6.95 postage: a total of £69.95


To help you choose why not print off our Mount Board Special PDF, and bring it with you ready for ordering.


Please note: this offer applies only to orders made at our stand, Q15, during the course of the Focus on Imaging show 2013.

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Mount Cutters - Show Deals


Mount cutting systems come in all shapes and sizes: from a simple rule and separate cutter through to top of the range, professional system.  Similarly, the range of prices will also vary enormously.  But the good news is that we will have that full span of equipment on show, at Focus 2013.


We can advise you on what would be your best choice based on the range / volume of work you need to do, whether  as a hobby (presenting your own images) or with a more commercial imperative, all matched to the budget you had in mind.  We can show you how each operates and where increased cost delivers in terms of performance.


The even better news is that we have probably the widest choice of systems and there will be Focus Prices on many of them.


Why not bring our store guide PDF Which Mount Cutter do I need? along to the show and see where there are savings to be had. Visit us on Q15

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Tools of the Trade

What tools do I need?Knowing just what you need to make picture frames can take some thought.  The three essentials will always be:

  1. mount cutter
  2. saw / guillotine (for cutting mitres)
  3. joiners / underpinners

In each case there will be some alternatives and, as with the mount cutters, your choice will depend on a number of factors. 


On our stand will be staff, used to working with the full range of kit, who can help steer you through the possibilities and help you put together the kit you need.  See what the variations are from a BASIC set up to a PROFESSIONAL kit.  

And, as always some show specials apply.

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STAS: for Sale at Focus

STASMultirail_offers_a_range_of _lighting_options.jpg

DIYframing is a leading supplier of STAS systems. We have seen their popularity grow among artists, photographers, high street galleries and private households: in short anybody wanting to give real impact to work they are presenting.


For the first time, we will have a range of STAS systems for sale at Focus 2013.  The new “blister pack” system used by STAS for its products means that it’s easy to identify and buy exactly what you need to set up a system for just one wall or several rooms. For more about STAS, view the full document published on the Focus Website: Sleek and sophisticated hanging systems from DIY Framing

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DIYframing Working with Photo Clubs.

Presenting Photography Seminar - 64.jpg

Focus on Imaging 2013 will be the first time that DIYframing is offering its expertise to Photography / Camera clubs as a clear package.  In the past, it has been an informal arrangement that has worked out reasonably well and been relatively successful.


But, rather than leave things to chance, DIYframing is officially launching this service by inviting members of camera clubs or photographic societies (committee or general membership) to take time to visit our stand. We can provide you with some information for your group and you can register an interest in a visit from DIYframing.


The core of what is on offer is an evening about “The Art of Presenting Photography”. The focus is mainly about using mounts to display images to their best effect, and will fit into a typical 2 hour club night with, of course, the vital break for coffee midway!


In making this an official “training package”, we are confident that there will be a strong uptake: make sure your club gets a look in on stand Q15. Read More

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


Focus on Imaging Special

Welcome to our 2013 Focus On Imaging 2013 newsletter.


For those of you not able to visit our DIYframing store in High Wycombe, this may be the ideal way to see what we have to offer.  And for those who have already met the team, it would be great to catch up. Who knows, there might be a few bits of kit you want to see or you might find some great show prices?


Have a look through and see what we have at Focus for you.


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