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Improve Your Framing Skills - More Specialised Courses


Coming up shortly are three more of our more specialised courses.  These provide great opportunities for extending your framing skills and, as these don’t come around too often, it is worth having a look now.



FRAMING SPORTS SHIRTS: - learn how to plan the staging of the item, create an insert, stretch the shirt around that and attach it to a mount board.  Then use spacers to provide depth between the double mount and glass. Course Content Details


ADDING DECORATIVE FINISHES TO FRAMES: - use a range of media to create your own finishes on natural wood moulding. Course Content Details


STRETCHING & FRAMING CANVAS BASED ART: - take artwork on canvas, make a stretcher frame, attach artwork and frame it in a “tray” or present it as a gallery wrap. Course Content Details

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Coming To A Village Near You


We recognise how important it is to find great venues for training in convenient places around the UK.  In June we will be visiting the east of the country to run Art & Photography Framing weekends.  Whilst the headline venue will be the nearest town or city to the proposed spot, the workshops will usually take place in a village hall a couple of miles out of town.  This usually makes for easier parking, very pleasant surroundings and, actually contributes a more relaxing feel to the weekend. 


York is a more regular venue and here we tend to use halls in the village of Huntington.  We will be there on 11th & 12th May – still a few places remaining. For more information click: York Training


Over the 15th & 16th of June we will be at the Horsford Village Hall, Horsford – around 5 miles north west of Norwich (just past the airport).  If you are and artist, photographer, crafter or collector this could be the ideal opportunity to try out framing and mount cutting.  For more information click: Norwich Training


Then on 22nd & 23rd June we will be in the extreme north east.  The chosen “Newcastle Upon Tyne” venue is Whalton Village Hall, Whalton (near to Morpeth).  It is a beautiful, rural setting and is again not far from an airport.  Not only would this suit anybody from that area of England, last time (in February) we had people travel down from the Scottish Borders.  With the “Longest Day” timing this must make a drive there a great option. For more information click: Newcastle Upon Tyne Training.  


Do book soon as time and places are running out: of course if you know others who may be interested, pass the word on.  If we had a penny for artists & photographers who say “If only we’d known you’d be there ...”  And, being very cheeky, if you know of a noticeboard nearby and have permission to advertise on it, you could download a PDF and post it. (York; Norwich; Newcastle Upon Tyne).

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SPECIAL OFFER - 2 for 1 Natural Wood Mouldings


Offer applies from receipt of Newsletter until midnight, Sunday 28th April.

This weekend you could cut your Natural Wood moulding costs by half. We are offering to double up your moulding order at no extra cost.  It is a 2 for 1 scheme with a subtle twist: order and pay for your Natural Wood moulding in the usual way and we will send you double the amount. For example, if you need four, 1 metre lengths to complete a project, you could just order (and pay for) two, 1 metre lengths; we will add another two lengths, free of charge. Alternatively, if you want to build up stock (in case of emergencies!), you could order (and pay for) the four, 1 metre lengths you need: you would then receive an additional four lengths at no extra cost, ready for your next project. 

This offer only applies to natural wood framing mouldings in our catalogue.

Please note:

  • it does not include the 2 way stretcher moulding as this not in the moulding catalogue
  • normal postage applies -please contact us for details of carriage costs applying to highlands, islands and non UK destinations
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Derbyshire Arts – Great Training Venue!

Derby Arts.jpg

For the first time ever, we ran a training weekend at a new venue near Matlock.  It is the home of Derbyshire arts.  It already has a great reputation for running art classes and painting holidays and after we met the owners at the Patchings show (Notts) last June, it seemed like a great idea to take advantage of their training room.  The first session was an Art & Photography Framing training weekend in the middle of April.  The timing was good, as the snows had at last gone: the setting of a log cabin at the bottom of a valley couldn’t be more conducive to a bit of creative work.  The resulting workshops were really good with everybody seeming to be exceptionally pleased with what they learnt and produced.


Building on that success, we have now allocated dates for a further Art & Photography Framing training weekend in the Summer (August 17th & 18th) and, based on the interest shown by those on this first weekend, we also will be trying out two of our more specialised classes.  The order has been chosen so that a complete novice could book all 4 days or, for anyone having already completed the Basics & Mountcutting weekend, the two more specialised days provide the perfect “next step” for artists & photographers.


So the order is (click on a date to discover more):

16th August, Adding Decorative Finishes to Frames;

17th & 18th, August Art & Photography Framing Weekend;

19th August, Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Artwork.

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Product News


Hot off the Fine Art Trade Guild press is the new “Conservation Framing” book. This is the new, practical guide telling picture framers all they need to know about framing artwork to the Fine Art Trade Guild's Conservation and Museum Levels.  It is designed to give advice to framers as well as to conservators, wishing to expand their knowledge of framing.


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Are You Planning an Art or Photography Exhibition?


Two things: if you are planning you own art or photography exhibition in the coming months we would love to hear details and will pass dates on via our Facebook page; secondly, staging an exhibition requires a few added extras. 


At the moment we have a number of items that would help with your show, so be prepared and see if these are just what you need:


White lined board – currently on special offer, this white faced board (1000 microns / 1mm) is available for as little as 70 p per sheet (795 mm x 595 mm) when bought in packs of 20;


Panel hooks and perlons – also on special offer, in packs of 10 hooks & 10 perlons. These are ideal for quick display of framed pieces.  Hook the panel hooks over a board and then use the perlons: no screws, no tape, no glue, NO FUSS.


Chop service – a quick way of creating your frames without having to cut accurate mitres yourself.  Simply look for your preferred moulding range, click on the chop service option and follow the instructions.


Glass cutting facility – if you are able to collect glass from our Cressex store, why not have your glass cut to size.  It will save time if working to a tight schedule, PLUS there’s no waste material to store / dispose of. Contact the store with dimensions and when the glass is required and we’ll do the rest.


Ready Made Frames – if you are presenting works in standard frame sizes, a very quick framing option would be to buy them “off the shelf”.  Our ready-made frames come in a range of styles.  Why not see if they suit? 

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Make it at DIYframing – Hire a Work-Space.


So you’ve done the training with DIYframing, you have a few projects to complete, but you’ve not yet bought the equipment.  Why not book a workshop space at our High Wycombe base.


Just £20 will book you a 4 hour slot (weekdays only) with access to workbench and tools used on our Basics of Framing and Mount Cutting a Decoration training days.   Just a couple of terms and conditions should be noted:

a)      All materials used for your framing must be purchased from DIYframing (in store)

b)      While there will be help on hand to source materials and kit staff are not able to offer guidance with your projects, framing techniques or how to use the kit.


Of course at the end of your session, your confidence to carry on framing will be there, so you might even want to kit your own home workshop out whilst you are in our store!


Please contact us by telephone or email for more information or to book a workspace slot.

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Art & Photography Framing Weekends coming up in the next quarter of 2013:

York, 11th & 12th May
Southampton, 18th & 19th May
Norwich, 15th & 16th June
Gloucester, 22nd & 23rd June
Newcastle Upon Tyne, 22nd & 23rd June
Manchester, 6th & 7th July
Brighton, 3rd & 4th August



For project specific training:

Framing Sports Shirts, High Wycombe, 20th May
Adding Art Finishes to Frames, High Wycombe, 21st May
Stretching & Framing Canvas Art, High Wycombe June 10th
Framing Sports Shirts, Manchester, 8th July


And REMEMBER you can book single workshops / days from any weekend.


For events at our main centre click: ALL COURSES 

Reserve places NOW, to avoid disappointment.

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


May 2013

This month’s newsletter is packed with course details and product ideas. So start the weekend off with great savings: have a look at our special offer on Natural Wood Mouldings.  

It is a great time to be around the country so we’ve especially drawn your attention to some of the brilliant places where we run our courses. The most recent of the new venues is the Derbyshire Arts Centre near Matlock: exactly the place to be in spring – lambs and daffs on the doorstep.


With better light and longer days, the exhibition season really gets underway. Setting up your own display can be a bit daunting, especially as you near your completion deadline. To offer a helping hand with timing and costs, we have a range of special offers and services for you. You could even book some workshop space if you haven’t, yet, sorted out your own work room.


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