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Business Week & Canvas Stretching Workshops: Last Call


Coming up very shortly at our High Wycombe showrooms is a range of training days targeting specific types of framing projects.  The first three are part of our Business Development Week, and can be booked as individual days or together (some places still available).   Click course title for details.


3D (Box) Framing, 25th March

Conservation Framing, 26th March

Framing Fabrics, 27th March


Stretching and Framing Canvas Based Art, 31st March


And, of course, if you need some practical guidance on setting up a framing business, whatever the size, there are our 2 business days:


Organising & Planning a Framing Business, 24th March

Creating Business Success, 28th March


Don’t miss out on any of these sessions: book today!

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New: Mouldings Catalogue


We are pleased to say that we now have the latest mouldings catalogue available for download (PDF), completely free of charge.  It has illustrations and details of all the current mouldings, group by group, with up to date prices at the end. Simply follow the link Mouldings Catalogue. (NB. This is a 10 mb file so does take a while to download)

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The Photography Show 2014


The Photography Show 2014 was a great success, from whatever point of view you examine it.  The interest on our stand was non-stop and mount cutters were flying out all over the place.  A massive interest in our on-stand demos was more than matched by the great feedback from the sessions we ran on behalf of the show.  Here, around 250 customers benefited from our range of one-hour workshops, demos and seminars: the favourites being the practical sessions. (Join us on Facebook to see the photo album: Photo Album)


Have a look at our Photography Show Page to discover direct links to a range of support materials (some new, some existing). Originally brought together for those attending the workshops, these should help any photographer / artist develop their framing skills.

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If you missed us at the Photography Show, or photography isn’t your medium, then keep a look out for two more shows we will be attending this summer.  In each case we are hoping to run some practical workshops alongside the sales from our usual show stand.


Patchings Art, Craft & Design festival, 5th – 8th June (Nottingham)

Art In Action, 17th – 20th July (Oxford)


Watch this space for more detail.

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New: 3 More Handy Hints Sheets


As a result of the work undertaken for the Photography Show, we produced 3 new Handy Hints Sheets.  The first is one we should have looked at much earlier on (how to use a board mounted cutter).  Because videos are easy to access about Logan cutters, we’d tended not to worry about an information sheet: however, we’ve been told people like the convenience of some printed notes, so here they are.  The other two titles are newly published ideas for extending your repertoire of mount cutting skills.  


42 Cutting a Mount with a Board Mounted Cutter

43 Adding Colour Bands to a Mount

44 Cutting a Mount With Offset Corners

Please note you need to be a registered member of DIYframing to download these pages successfully.


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Art & Photography Framing Weekends coming up in the next quarter of 2014:

Exeter, 29th & 30th March
Derby, 5th & 6th April
Canterbury, 12th & 13th April NEW VENUE
Hereford, 3rd & 4th May NEW VENUE
York, 10th & 11th May
Christchurch, 17th & 18th May NEW VENUE
Telford, 31st May & 1st June NEW VENUE 
Newcastle Upon Tyne, 14th & 15th June
Norwich, 28th & 29th June


For events at our main centre click: ALL COURSES 

Reserve places NOW, to avoid disappointment

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


March 2014

We’ve had a brilliant start to March: all that fun, excitement (manic working) linked with the Photography Show.  We’ll be ending on a high too, with our March Business Development Week.  There are several off-shoots from the Photography Show preparations, which can be passed on to all of our customers in this newsletter: a new moulding catalogue; a dedicated back-up page of organised support materials; and a couple of new handy hints sheets.


Also of course, we are all getting out and about with this encouraging, spring weather.  So, now is a good time to start preparing for framing those new images and creations: look forward to hearing from you.


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