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Arts Festivals & Trade Shows


We had another great trade show: this time at Patchings Art, Craft & Photography Festival 2014.  It was the first time we’d had a chance to run some mount cutting workshops here and whilst this was only finalised quite late on, the interest in sessions and feedback from them was exceptionally good.  


You can’t really beat the atmosphere of these occasions if you are interested in the arts, with so many artists to watch, ideas to acquire not to mention all of the materials and kit you can explore and find out about.  And of course you are among so many like-minded individuals.


We are really excited to be involved with another major, arts festival this summer: 

Art in Action, 17th – 20th July 2014 at Waterperry House & Gardens near Oxford.


Although we will not have the facilities to run workshops at this show, we will have a stand there and are happy to demonstrate a wide range of mount cutters.  Duncan will be on hand to offer advice about kit, materials and framing techniques.  We hope you will take the chance to come and visit.
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Summer of Framing


There are four, summer venues for our Art & Photography Framing, Training Weekends coming up.  Any of these could be the catalyst to get you started with picture framing.  Although we list the dates for these sessions, we rarely provide the overview for what you can achieve in just two days.


You bring along your own prints and discover how to identify the key elements of a framed picture; cut mounts; attach your picture into the mount; cut and join moulding sections to create a frame for the mounted picture; add a finish; cut glass and backing board to fit; and finally, assemble the framed picture, ready for hanging cord.


On the mount cutting day you will discover a range of cutting techniques by creating a range of window mounts: experimenting with double mounts; cutting offset corners; creating a deep bevel mount; learning about spaced mounts; and finally designing, marking out and cutting a mount with multiple apertures.


You go away with an amazing portfolio of work to impress and serve as a practical reminder of your new skills.


Click the links to find out more about framing, this summer:

MANCHESTER - 5th & 6th July Weekend places now full: some places remain for 6th July Mount Cutting & Decoration day only. (next Manchester training weekend: 4th & 5th October)

BRIGHTON -  9th & 10th August (a few places remaining)

DERBY -  23rd & 24th August

BRISTOL - 23rd & 24th August New Date

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Workshops in High Wycombe


If you missed the chance at two of the trade shows this year, we are pleased to be running our very popular, Cut Your Own, Quality Mounts workshops at our base in High Wycombe.   The sessions will suit complete novices as well as those having no training in how to cut simple mounts: techniques may be similar but there are loads of little tricks of the trade that you may not have seen before.


Workshops will introduce you to the role of the mount as practical and aesthetic device and why you should use a "hinge mount package" to support and present your work. 

For full details of what each session covers click on one of the session links.


Thursday 24th July 10.30am - 11.45 am

Thursday 24th July 12.15 pm - 1.30 pm


Please note the following: 

- sessions last 1 hour & 15 mins

- all kit is provided

- conservation mount board is pre-cut to for A4 print

- please bring printed, borderless A4 image / artwork (297 mm x 210 mm)

- cost: £20 includes VAT 


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Hiring Work Space & Kit


During a recent training workshop we were asked if it is possible to hire the training room area and kit in order to practise framing skills ahead of buying all the equipment.  The customer in question is not able, currently, to set up a workshop but is keen not to forget what he had learnt.


In fact we have, at various times, formally offered that scheme over a number of days. If you are interested in pursuing this option, have a look at the information below and then contact us for possible dates and costs.

Rental period runs from 11.00 am - 3.00 pm (£24.00 inc vat)



You can have the chance to hire a work space in the All About Framing training room to help you develop and hone your framing skills.  You will have access to a work bench and all of the framing hand tools used on UK School of Framing training days.

All products used in any projects undertaken must be purchased from the DIYframing store.

Read All Details

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Art & Photography Framing Weekends coming up in the next quarter of 2014:


MANCHESTER - 5th & 6th July Weekend places now full: some places remain for 6th July Mount Cutting & Decoration day only. (next Manchester training weekend: 4th & 5th October)

BRIGHTON -  9th & 10th August (a few places remaining)

DERBY -  23rd & 24th August

BRISTOL - 23rd & 24th August New Date

SALISBURY -  6th & 7th September

CAMBRIDGE - 20th & 21st September

MANCHESTER -  4th & 5th October

CHICHESTER - 11th & 12th October

TUNBRIDGE WELLS -  25th & 26th October


For events at our main centre click: ALL COURSES 

Reserve places NOW, to avoid disappointment

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


Summer 2014 Support & Training

This has been a very busy month or so here: therefore we have created a separate bulletin to bring you up to date with training and support opportunities over the next few months.  


We are always keen for people to book training sessions early as this means we can confirm venues and other arrangements in good time.  This summer there are 4 great destinations for our UK training programme – make sure you book soon to avoid disappointment (some places remain).


If finding time to attend a training weekend is difficult, we are running a couple of trial Cut Your Own Quality Mounts workshops from our High Wycombe base.  If there's enough interest this could well become a regular feature.



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