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Art In Action 2015


Don’t forget DIYframing will have a stand at Art in Action, Waterperry House, Oxford.  We look forward to meeting up with “old friends” and helping out new customers. To discover more, from the organisers’ website, visit: Art In Action


Essential details:

Opens: Thursday – Sunday, 16-19 July, 10am – 5.30pm each day. Gates open from 9am, refreshments available.

Venue: Waterperry House, Waterperry, Wheatley, OX33 1JZ (transport details etc :  Visit Art In Action)

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Nobex Promaster Kit: Handy Hints Sheets 46 &47

As promised, here are our latest Handy Hints Sheets giving guidance on how to set up, then use, the Nobex Promaster Faming Kit. Both HH sheets are open to all to view.

Promaster Kit46 Setting Up a Nobex Promaster Framing Kit

The Nobex Promaster Framing Kit is another of the kit items where the set up notes are unclear.  Here we outline a method with clearer images to help make best use of the kit. Setting up the saw on its mitre block is easy enough, as the supplied diagram is quite clear.   However, how to put together the measure system, attach it to the mitre block and prepare it all for use is quite confusing.  These notes and illustrations will help with the confusion (we hope!). Full HH Sheet 


X-act Measure System47 Working With a Nobex Promaster Framing Kit

Once set up, the cutting routine in making a frame is pretty logical. It is important, however, to be clear about the role of each specific element of the X-act system and how they support your cutting routine. And it is absolutely essential to fine tune the scales on the measure system. Full HH Sheet


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Tab Guns - What Are The Options?

The tab gun which most people opt for is the T220: it allows you to work with both flexi-tabs and / or rigid tabs.  There is no doubt that these are the "workhorses" of the framing world, but there is an alternative.  The Arrowhead Tab gun uses a framing point, which provides an even more secure style of assembly and may be worth adding to your tool kit for larger, heavy-duty projects or coping with the constraints of conservation work.  The tab / point design also has a grip point for easy removal.

Charnwood Flexi-Tab Gun
The Charnwood T220 is the most popular of our tab guns. It is a good all-rounder and has been very well received since it was introduced in 2011.  Most people use it with flexi-tabs, ideal for simple work and gives the option to replace items in the  frame very quickly.  For a more robust method of holding everything in the place, it can also be used with flat, rigid tabs.
Charnwood Arrowhead Tab Gun

The T420 Arrowhead Tab gun uses a professional, framers' rigid point for holding glazing / backing in place - ideal all round gun, but also copes with conservation grade work.  Charnwood does supply rigid points, but the gun can also accommodate the appropriate style of Fletcher points.

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Sports Shirts Framing Re-Visited


The first time we ran our Framing Sports Shirts workshop was on 17th April 2008: that's over 6 years ago.  It was a great success, even with 9 people all working at the same time.  It has never been easy to find detail about how to plan and execute this type of project.  The principles we base our process on is to combine lessons taught in conservation framing, fabric framing and some elements of 3D framing.  We ensure that the shirt is handled carefully, that proper spacing is made away from the glass, the shirt is properly supported and all attachments are discreet and fully reversible.  


Catch Up

Whilst we may have refined the techniques slightly, the core skills would still be recognisable to those who worked in our first session.  For a real flavour of the workshop, read the follow-up article from 2008.


Our next Sports Shirt Framing training day is at our High Wycombe HQ on Monday 14th September. Book now as places are limited.

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Everything For a New Business


If you have just trained with us, or are looking at starting up in framing, we can supply a whole range of framing kits. The aim is to provide a quick route to getting your workspace set up whilst taking account of your budget, background and where you want to go with your projects. We have also been keen not to put in any unnecessary elements that you either have to ferret out or buy but never use. Part of the process has been the twelve years of training people at all levels of framing: it does give us a true picture of what people need.


And with the next suite of Business Development Training Days approaching in November, now is a good time to explore the whole range of kits offered.


Everything You Need - Just 3 Steps

Our full range consists of: six framing equipment kits; 2 options for Fixings and Hardware packs; and 2 options of framing “toolboxes” comprising of the more general workshop items we use with all framing. From these choices it should be possible to find something that will either give you everything you need all in one go or the chance to home in on just the main framing kit. Another feature is that for anyone training with us, we have linked kits with the training you may have undertaken.


ONE: six framing kits:

 TWO: Fixing & Hardware packs available as:

THREE: workshop tools packs available as:


BIG BONUS: all kit purchases benefit from amazing amounts of DIYframing vouchers to help with future purchases of materials etc. (up to £300.00 in total)


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Discover Our Project Library

V Groove Ever needed ideas for framing medals?  Wondered how to create a colour bevel to your mount instead of the white or black cores? And what about V-Grooves: do you need a special cutter or can you create them on a Logan Compact Elite Cutter?


If those are ideas you have wanted to explore, then you probably need to have a look at the Projects Library in our “Support” area of the website.  For every complete project featured, delve into each one further and you will find many more techniques, skills and ideas outlined, often with images and cut-away diagrams to help.  All of these are freely accessible to members, and membership to our site is free.  It is too good to miss. (nb if the links in paragraph 1 don’t work, then you probably need to register).

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


July 2015

If you are relatively new to DIYframing then do check the website out to discover all of what is available to you.  Our Library & Resources Centre is actually relatively underused (so comments via email enquiries & training would suggest): this area of the website provides a whole range of support materials and ideas for absolute beginners and “old-hands” alike.  In this edition we are drawing your attention to what’s already available as well as featuring the promised Handy Hints guidance on how to use the Nobex Promaster Framing Kit.


Other ways of discovering more about framing is to talk to our experienced staff (great opportunity at Art in Action, Oxford) or you could join one of our many training workshops around the country.  Check out where we are, and what’s on offer, via the Dates section at the end of this newsletter.


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