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Easter Closing


Our High Wycombe store will be closed for trading over the Easter period from Friday 14th April - Monday 17th April inclusive: however online services remain available.

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Business Development Programme: Few Places Remaining


Our business development week programme of training modules is all set to run.  Even to the extent where the moulding, mountboards, glass and backing materials are in stock and ready for taking off the shelf on each day.


Remember that there are 3 practical, 1day workshops taking place in addition to the art & photography weekend and two Business Days.


And there are a few places left on each but you will need to book very soon as numbers are limited.


The full programme is: Basics of Framing; Mount Cutting & Decoration; Organising and Planning a Framing Business; 3D (Box) Framing; Conservation Framing; Fabric Framing; Creating Business Success.


SPECIAL OFFER With Conservation Framing in mind it is well worth having a look at the special offer we are running on the Additions range of Arqadia mount board – all conservation grade boards, in spite of the vibrant colours!


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April Offers


This month we are featuring 2 special offers.


Number 1: throughout April.   

Check out Arqadia Conservation additions mountboards:  lots of vibrant colours are a feature of this range. 10% off prices all through April.  (Discounted prices shown on our store page).


Number 2: from Friday 7th April until Sunday 9th April. 

The return of one of our more popular “specials”: we are offering a 2 for 1 deal on all stocks of natural wood mouldings.  


This weekend you could cut your moulding costs by half. We are offering to double up your moulding order at no extra cost. This offer only applies to natural wood moulding orders ordered by the length and placed on-line between Friday 7th April until Sunday 9th April. 2017. It is a 2 for 1 scheme with a subtle twist: order and pay for your moulding in the usual way and we will send you double.  For example, if you need 4 x 1 metre lengths to complete a project, just order (and pay for) two, 1 metre lengths; we add another 2 lengths, free of charge. Alternatively, if you want to build up stock (in case of emergencies!), you could order (and pay for) the four, 1 metre lengths you need: you would then receive an additional four lengths at no extra cost, ready for your next project..

NB it does not include the 2 way stretcher moulding as this not in the moulding catalogue.

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New Metal Effect Paints


For those of you keen on adding your own art finish effects to your framing, you will be very familiar with our range of Liberon Metal Effect Paints.  They provide an alternative way to give picture frames a decorative finish. Shades can be intermixed, are water-based and quick drying.


And we can now offer them in two new shades: White Gold (champagne gold colour) and Steel. 

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New: Medal, Badge & Prints Project


Keeping memories alive is so important and while, in the past, items may have been tucked away in drawers, people are becoming more switched on to memorabilia being attractive pieces of decorative art, as well as a respectful way of keeping memories alive. Careful choices of design, colour and proportion can give the past a contemporary feel, even making it suitable for a modern environment.


This project was first demonstrated at our Open Day Seminars in February 2017. It shows how to group a variety of 2D & 3D items, together in a single framed presentation.  Items in question are a photograph, printed copy of POW post card, cap badge and medal.  The aim is to provide a contemporary look for an historical collection.


This is now featured in our Framing Projects Library and is free to download for DIYframing registered members: Project 13 – Never Forget (PDF)

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Taking Framing Further


In the month when the focus for us is on our Business Development Training Week, do remember the other workshops we run, to offer greater breadth and depth to your framing skills.  Whether you have a specific field of interest for your framing, or you want to build greater confidence in the range of work you can offer, there will be plenty to meet your needs / interest.


Framing Sports Jerseys: whether framing your own collection to save money or looking to offer a professional framing service to customers, knowing all of the processes involved in preparing, planning and completing this type of project is exceptionally rewarding.  Plus you end up with your first piece ready for hanging: how much is that worth? 


Adding Decorative Finishes to Frames: a chance to work with a wide range of media to create your own, unique, stylish look to frames.  From simple ragging techniques to working with gesso and gilt effects, using gilt creams, you will find ways of making your artwork stand out from the rest.


Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Artwork: exploring the other world of framing where glass and mount board are not required.  Here you learn how to make two stretcher frames and attach canvas based artworks / photos to them ready for framing.  For one you will build a tray frame, whilst for the second you work to present it as a contemporary gallery wrap.


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Glasgow - Remember to Book In Time


At the end of May we are hoping to head up to Scotland for the first training weekend in a couple of years.  One thing we do notice is how courses tend to fill at the very last minute.  Occasionally it can be touch and go until the last week almost whether or not a course will run.  So many things, such as hanging on to venue bookings, accommodation for trainers and so forth depend on making an earlier commitment.


If customers are able to book earlier it will ensure we can be confident of running these sessions much further in advance, which works for all parties.  Glasgow is a case in point where currently things are at that fine balancing point: one or two more interested and it is a definite, whilst too much delay and it becomes less viable.


If you are interested, but just haven’t got round finalising things, don’t hesitate.  It’s the only chance in 2017 for you to train in Scotland: the venue is great, transport links are so good you could even fly in.   View: Art & Photography Framing Training, 27th & 28th May (nr) Glasgow


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Art Exhibitions Coming Up


Here are a couple of dates for your diaries:



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Some beautiful places to visit in spring 2017.

Art & Photography Framing Training Weekends:





Specialised Training Days


FRAMING SPORTS SHIRTS - 21st April 2017, High Wycombe

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WEEK -  22nd - 28th April High Wycombe. (Remember days can also be booked individually or in any combination)



For hard copy of all courses click: Training List. To view details of events at our main centre (High Wycombe) click: ALL COURSES.     

Reserve places NOW, to avoid disappointment

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


April 2017

This must be one of the most creative times of the year and that certainly seems to be the case for all artists, photographers and framers: there’s so much going on and to look forward to.


That excitement and optimism is definitely clear in the news items and alerts featured in this newsletter.  There are last calls for our Business Week training, more special offers running in April, the next project is ready to view in our Framing Projects library and some new additions on our frame finishes shelves.



Then looking ahead, there are reminders about the scope of training on offer, especially linked to more specific types of framing, alerts to approaching training dates and venues, plus news of two art exhibitions taking place this month.  So much to do!


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