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A reminder of two, fast approaching events:

FINAL CALL -  Photography Framing Weekend in Newark (Nottinghamshire): 14th & 15th July. Over two days, you can find out how to create imaginative and top quality mounted and framed pieces of your own artwork.  Although advertised as a photography special, will suit anybody wanting to frame 2D artwork.

 Bookings being taken for the Business Development Week in Manchester, 4th -10th August.  This is a sequence of 7 one-day courses taking you from complete novice to professional framer.  You can also book individual days.  3 of the days are to help you learn how to do:3D (box) Framing; Conservation Framing; Framing Fabrics.  For details of the full week or individual days click: Business Development Week.

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Special Offers

Special Offer Area.jpg

How many of you knew we have a SPECIAL OFFERS area on our website?  We are very much aware that it may not be a place you have frequently visited.  It is always worth a look, however, because as well as having regular items in there, such as moulding packs  and mountboard lucky dips, there are occasional specials that find their way here. Click Special Offers to see what is going cheap.

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COMPETITION - Ghost In the Machine


You have heard of spot the ball competitions  ... you had to show where you thought the ball is on a photograph taken at a football match.  Well here is a competition that is only vaguely similar to that.  Arty, the warehouse ghost (shown here) has had his photo taken with some of our stock and is now featured in one of our store item photos.  All you have to do, to win a £25.00 gift voucher, is spot the picture where Arty is hiding and contact info@diyframing.co.uk  and quote the exact name of the product (as listed on the relevant page).  We will send vouchers to the first 5 customers to identify Arty's hiding place correctly.  Winners' names will be listed on our website home page.

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Fixings Pack

Fixings kit 150.jpg

It is easy to remember the big items on a shopping list - joiner, 6m moulding, 10 sheets of mountboard etc.  What can be a problem is all of the little bits and pieces you need when you are assembling the final, framed piece ready for hanging.  That's when you find you have only 1 D-ring, 1 screw eye and 20cm of cord left.  Start yourself off with a fixings pack and then just keep the quantities topped up as you go ... or, alternatively buy another fixings pack when you are about to run out (they often run out at the same time).  Again, the notion of the pack is to let us sort the items out that you are likely to need, with real savings built into the price.  For details click Fixings Pack.

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Mount Cutting Reaches New Heights

yeti mountcutter.jpg

By now you have already worked out that the pun picks up on the extreme framing video currently running on our home page.  The truth is however, you should never underestimate the versatility of the Logan 301 Compact mount cutter.  It is a brilliant starting point for mount cutting, allowing you to make good quality cuts without having to spend a fortune.  If you currently use a hand-held rule and cutter system, you would notice a huge difference in the ease of use, the consistency and accuracy of corner cuts. The kit actually covers a whole range of individual tools that you would have to buy to match what it can do: border width marker, cutting rail; bevel edge mount cutter; straight edge cutter.  Price those items up individually and then compare the combined cost with that of the 301 kit and you will be surprised how close they are.  The very fact that it is a compact system also means that it is easy to store out of the way, is easily portable and takes far less time to set up and start using than finding all the individual bits and getting them organised.  For full specification click: Logan 301

You are now thinking, 'The Logan 301 Compact system is the chap for me.'  Now is a good time to buy.  In a moment of extreme self-indulgence (we are so pleased with the production quality of the video), we are running a special promotion. 5 free sheets of mount board, worth £15.00 (you can choose the colours) with your 301 cutter, just to get you started. Please note that any flat surface is suitable to set up the cutter - a “snow table” is not essential nor is it supplied.

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Scouser In Car Window Shocker

Scouse a.jpg

Now, every one of you is thinking of a stereotype, shell-suited, curly haired, moustachioed character walking away from a glass strewn car with a radio under his arm saying, “ Ay, Ay, calm down!”.

Shame on you! You couldn’t be further from the truth…. well maybe the shell-suit, hair, moustache and local vernacular, but definitely not the radio! (sat-nav’s are better).

Recently, we have seen a reversal of this regional pre-conception. Our resident scouser was seen hovering over the broken sunroof of one of our students’ cars BUT trying to fix it!
After most people’s immediate reaction of car, broken glass, scouser, call police, had passed, it was noticed that the said scouser actually had fixing materials to hand. It transpires that a stone had, somehow, smashed the sunroof en route and ‘Captain Scouser’ came to the rescue.

Not only can we say our materials are of the highest quality for picture framing, we can now say that they are also suitable for emergency vehicle repair, as put to the test by our delighted student.  He managed to drive to Leeds with a sunroof made of non-reflective, plastic glass and 50mm Eco 15 Kraft Tape.

Please remember that this was under extreme cicumstances and we would not recommend you do the same ... the Police should ALWAYS be called when a Scouser is seen anywhere near your vehicle!

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Tapes Kit

Tape kit 150.jpg

We all use tapes for all sorts of reasons.  In our last newsletter we featured an article all about this feature of framing.  Click Got It Taped to read that article.  On the back of that item, we have put together a TAPES KIT which saves you the trouble of having to find each item separately and saves money at the same time.  Follow the links for more information by clicking on TAPES KIT.

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


July 2007

A little summer bonus to cheer you up: find Arty and win a £25.00 gift voucher.  Catch up on some regular, cost saving specials and learn how regional stereotypes can be so misleading.  A different edition to the usual DIYframing newsletter, we feel!


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