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First Framing Photography Course for 2006 a great sucess

The most recent course brought 8 people together from all over the UK and Ireland for a memorable weekend.

These courses focus (sorry!! but it won't be the last terrible pun) on particular framing issues from a photographer's point of view.   It does offer a chance for like - minded individuals to chat about their photography, as well as having the chance to use materials, which really do set your framed images apart from those pictures. forced in to ready made frames. 

In the past, these sessions have suited the needs of the professional and the serious hobbyist alike.  Our haul of professionals includes portrait and wedding photographers, landscape photographers, sub-aqua specialists, not to mention some exceptionally talented amateurs, who have gone on to earn money from their framed exhibition work.

The photography weekends provide the perfect introduction to framing your images in style and in ways that can set your work apart from that of the competition.  Link this with our Business Development training and you could very quickly add a whole new and exciting element to your income portfolio. Why not see what develops (warned you about the puns!)

Latest dates for the 2006 are:

  1. Beaconsfield - Saturday April 8th and Sunday, April 9th 2006
  2. West Midlands - Saturday, April 8th and Sunday, April 9th 2006
  3. Glasgow - Thursday, April 27th and Friday 28th April 2006
  4. Manchester - Tuesday, May 16th and Wednesday May 17th 2006
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This months courses around the UK

Maidstone Saturday 11th (Basics of Framing) and Sunday 12th February (Mount cutting) ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT BOTH DAYS.

Southampton Wednesday 15th February (Basics of framing) ONLY 1 PLACE LEFT

Manchester Saturday 4th Feb ........FULL

Beaconsfield Saturday 18th (Basics of Framing) ONLY 1 PLACE LEFT

Beaconsfield Saturday 19th (mount cutting) 2 PLACES AVAILABLE

Finally our March Business Development week only has 2 Places avialable each day.

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Crafty Moves in Manchester

As well as the photography exhibitions at the start of the year, Manchester GMEX will be hosting its annual Stitch and Creative Craft show.  This is one of the first of the exhibitions in the calendar for all of those involved with fabric / needle art and other forms of creative craft. 

The show covers all aspects of quality stitchcraft, including cross stitch, sewing, dress making, home furnishing, embroidery, patchwork, quilting, needlepoint, fabrics, haberdashery, tapestry, lace smocking, ribboncraft, painting on silk, glass painting, stencil craft, rugmaking, stamping, beadwork, decoupage, card making, framing finished work, heirloom sewing, crewel work, crochet and other stitch crafts and needlework  (We've probably left something out!)

This will be our second visit and we look forward to meeting our customers from the north and north-west of the country. The DIY Framing stand will provide a one stop shop for all your framing needs.  We will have many items you can purchase to take away on the day, but you will also be able to order everything from our catalogue for earliest, home delivery.  There will be staff on our stand to demonstrate a full range of mount cutting and framing tools.  You will have a chance to try out equipment for yourselves and discuss best solution buys for your specific needs, with an expert from the company.
As with all the shows we attend, there will be special offers, only available at our stand, which will save you pounds if you are about to buy new kit or upgrade current tools.

We lok forward to meeting you.

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Price increase warning

Diyframing have managed to hold prices steady over the past three years with no increases on all the major tools. Unfortunately over the next few weeks a number of the larger tools will be increasing in price. Please find a list below of the largest increases which will be introduced once the current level of stack has been depleted.

Pro Joiner........£230 up £30

Studio joiner ...£110 up £11

Pro saw.......... £125 up £12.50

Fitting tool......£35 up £6.50

450 Mount cutter...£185  up £20

301 Mount cutter...£115...up £5

The good news is we are still much cheaper than many of our competitors.


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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


February 2006 Newsletter

Welcome to DIYframings february update of whats going on in the world of picture framing. With the launch of our New website only days away things have been very busy in the office but we have still had a very eventful month.


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