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This Month's Dates: May

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Follow the link for details of courses and exhibitions coming up through May and the early part of next June.

Take a look at some of the places we will be visiting:
Southampton, Cheltenham, York .... Coming up in May: Truro (Cornwall) and loads of action in Beaconsfield.

Click: May dates

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The Longest Business Week Ever

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Have you spotted that a Business Development Week can take 22 days? According to our full training programme, that is exactly what seems to be happening in July. This is not a mistake. It is just how the computer is coping with a new approach to running a Business Development Week, including the 3 practical days, over a series of weekends. If you have wanted to try the sessions usually on offer, but cannot take time off work, then this could be the solution. For more information click Business Week July, 2008

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Jan's Testing Times

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The ultimate test of your skills as a framer is sitting the Fine Arts Trade Guild, Guild of Commended Framers exam. Naturally enough it is not an easy level to achieve. It take some practice of skills and experience of working with customers before you may be ready to have a go. However, as DIYframing is now just turned 5, it is no surprise that some of our first students are at that point. What is involved in the assessment and how does it feel to be put through the examination process? Fortunately we have somebody within the business to tell all. Jan Doyle, one of our first students and now a trainer with DIYframing, gives you the low down.

Find out more»

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Truro Try-Out.

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As summer is on its way, we are heading off around the country on various training weekend. In May alone, we will be visiting Southampton, York and Cheltenham. However, with a bit of forward planning, you could attend one of our training weekends while you are taking a Summer Break - or create a summer break around one of our training weekends.

In the middle of June we are heading off to the heart of Cornwall. Our Art & Photography Framing weekend will be taking place on the 14th & 15th of June. Just imagine, you could spend a few days enjoying the amazing coastline, painting or taking photographs, then spend a weekend learning how to frame the results. Who knows, you could even sell some of the final pieces (framed) and pay for most of the holiday.

Feel tempted? Find out more: Framing in Cornwall»


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Frame-A-Sports-Shirt Day 2008

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The first time we ventured into a specialist framing field was a great success. Anybody who frames for other people will know that at some point or another you will be asked to frame a sports shirt. When you look at them in galleries, you wonder how hard can it really be? Well, on 17th April 8 intrepid framers took up the challenge.

Find out more»

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The Patchings Art, Craft & Design Festival

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As well as the major photography, art and craft shows at major exhibition halls, there are also the more specialised shows taking place at smaller venues. No less important, these will often attract real experts in their respective fields and often have a more informal nature. One of these is the Patchings Art, Craft and Design Festival in Nottinghamshire, 5th - 8th June 2008. It is for artists working in all media and offers expert advice, demonstrations and "master classes". This will be our second visit and we will have the full range of kit along with special offers on some products.

Find out more »

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


May 2008

As well as the usual alerts to events on the horizon, this newsletter has the feel of people developing their skills and picture framing potential.  There's a report on the first of our specialist training days, where we worked through a specific framing project: framing a sports jersey.  We hope you might come up with some more ideas for 1 day projects.  Jan Doyle gives a behind the scenes, personal look at being examined  for the Guild of Commended Framers.  We also look ahead to a new approach to our training programme: Business Development Week - we are trying it as a series of weekends.


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