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This Month's Dates: June

Follow the link for details of courses and exhibitions coming up through June and the early part of July.


Click: June dates

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DIYFraming Face Lift


In the very near future you will notice a "fresh faced" DIYframing website. It is not just an exciting new look for the site, there will also be a whole new range of features. It will be a lot faster to move around, with clear links to essential areas. There will be a new look training site under the UK School of Framing banner, with improved ways of finding the exact course you want. The range of information about picture framing will increase, but without losing the archive of ideas and features you have found useful in the past.


It also marks the beginning of our search to bring you a greater range and variety of framing tools, materials and support. Unfortunately the face lift only applies to the website - nothing can be done about some members of staff.


Do enjoy exploring diyframing.com

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UK School of Framing


The launch of the UK School of Framing marks a turning point. It is all about establishing a clear identity. So, DIYframing is where you go for tools, materials and framing resources: UK School of Framing is where you learn about picture framing.


What does the UK School of Framing offer? We have some thoughts to get you started. MORE »

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Last Call For Beaconsfield Specials


We aim to take on board comments from course evaluations. A perennial point is that our specialist courses always seem to be midweek. That's OK if you are completing a Business Development Week, where you have already planned to give over the time to develop a new business idea. If you just have an interest, for example, in framing your needlecraft, taking a Thursday away from work, or travelling a long way for one day, may be difficult.


Therefore, we have worked it so that all of our next 3 development days all fall at weekends:

  • Sunday 6th July: 3D Framing More »
  • Saturday 12th July: Conservation Framing More »
  • Sunday 13th July: Framing Fabrics More »


Each workshop is designed to appeal either to those with a specialist interest in that craft / art area or to those wanting to improve their repertoire of framing skills. As with all courses, you will complete a framing project in the day. So, as well as the new range of skills you have learnt, you also end up with something special to hang on your wall ... well something to hang at least.


Although there are a few weeks before the programme runs, places are shifting, so why not find out more and get yourself booked in?

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Sheet Materials


Another part of our developing stock is the range of sheet materials. Foam core is an essential product in framing. It is used to form deep bevels, shadow and float mounts, and as spacers in a wide variety of framing projects.

Our new range of foam core is available as A1 panels in a variety of depths: 3mm; 5mm; 10 mm. We also stock self adhesive foam core board.


As an alternative to MDF backing board we now offer Kraft backing board. It is lighter, easier to cut but performs the same role as MDF.


If you are now working on a larger scale then a system for cutting each of the board panels to the exact same size is a massive time saver. The Onyx 90 cutter has generated a good deal of interest since we first introduced it to our professional tools range a couple of months ago. It can handle backing boards, foam board, mount board and glass just by selecting different cutting heads for each material. (click Onyx 90 for more information). If you want to see one in action, visit the Beaconsfield show room, when next in the area, where we have one up and running.

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The Life Of A Long Distance Framer


"I am charged with spreading the word of DIY Framing via trade and craft exhibitions; you could say I hold a missionary position. I also occasionally don my trainers' cap and, whip and chair in hand, venture forth to educate lucky people on the life changing experience that is picture framing.

What you won't know is that on these missions I am not in control of the choice of accommodation. Judy is the procurer of accommodation, with the strict brief that my comfort is second only to expense." Alex tells his tale.


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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


June 2008

Over the next few weeks, you can expect to notice a few changes.  Very soon, when you log on to DIYframing for your daily fix, you will think you have accidentally travelled into a parallel universe, where your favourite website is similar, but just a little bit brighter and fluffier.  Do not be afraid.  You will be entering the new world of DIYframing, after the launch of its 2008 website.


This newsletter is likely to be your last link with the past, so enjoy the nostalgia as you find out about dates, special offers; new stock; UK SoF and a postcard from Alex.


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