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The new web design should make it very easy to find courses you are after. Visit the UK School of Framing page. Here there is information about the range of courses we offer. The tabbed pods at the top right of the screen will give you dates for courses. These are broken down into "experience levels". Also, on the horizontal choice bar, you have options to see all courses, search for a course and even request a course. There are always banners to alert you to courses and venues as they approach.

Here are a few to whet your appetite:

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Framing Competition


This year, DIYframing will be a sponsor of a prestigious framing competition, celebrating the iconic black & white photography of the 1960s.


Duncan McDonald, CEO of DIYframing is delighted to be part of the Picture Business Magazine's 2009 Framing Competition. He recently agreed a sponsorship package for the competition with Picture Business editor Peter Hancocks.


"It's a great way for DIYframing and the UK School of Framing to show that we can address the needs of the complete novice framer as well as supporting the very top flight of framing design," explained Duncan MORE

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Open Day - September 2008


We will be hosting another Summer Open Day at our Beaconsfield base, on 13th September 2008. As well as all of the other attractions, it will feature a guest speaker, David Wilkie GCF. He will be leading 2 seminars about designing framing, using his prize winning ideas as illustrations. For more about David, see this month's case study


MORE about the Open Day

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Prize Winning Framer


David Wilkie is one of the foremost, bespoke framers in the UK, winning, outright, six Fine Art Trade Guild competitions. He has also been a finalist on eighteen occasions: no other framer has come close to that. Whilst he enjoys the freedom that competition work brings, 15 years on he is still just as enthusiastic and inspired about all of his framing.


"I have a very specific and personal approach. The image is always the focal point, even in a framing competition. My aim is to make the framing an extension of the image," explains David.


This month he provides our featured framer case study, writing about his route into picture framing. The best news is that he will be running two, 1 day master classes for the UK School of Framing in November this year.


To read the full story, click: David Wilkie

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Framing Forum


Although it’s always been there, the DIYframing forum hasn’t always been easy to find.  With the launch of our new site, there is an easy link from the home page.  Why not find out what people are talking about?  You may have something to add or find a solution to a query of your own.

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Moulding Chevrons


Nothing helps you more, when deciding the look for a framed picture, than being able to use samples of mouldings and mountboard against the artwork. The easiest way to build up your samples collection is to have your favourite mouldings made as chevrons (corner sections). We now offer that service. Go to the mouldings page. Choose the moulding category you are after. Click the "buy by length" button. Find the particular moulding you are after. Choose the drop down menu in the box where you state section lengths. You will find the option chevron sample

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Kraft Backing Board


If you are fed up with blunt blades from hacking through MDF panels, then take a look at our new product, Kraft Backing board. Not the most dynamic name, it more than makes up for it in its construction. A corrugated board with smooth front and back surfaces, it is sturdy, lightweight and economical. Tabbed in, it keeps artwork firmly in place and is so easy to cut to size with simple craft knives.  MORE

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Thank you for your continued support.

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July 2008

With the new site up and running, you will soon be charging around having a look at a whole new range of features.  This is the first newsletter written, with the new site in mind, so you will excuse us for using the opportunity to guide you towards where some of these new items are.


In this month's offering there are a couple of major scoops.  The first is news of DIYframing's involvement with sponsorship of a major framing competition.  Also, we are delighted that a top framer and gallery owner, David Wilkie, will be working with UK School of Framing. He will be leading some autumn, Master Classes. Add to that some new products and the usual links to dates, and we have plenty to interest you all.


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