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Our travels start in earnest.  Between now and Christmas, we will be visiting more areas and going further afield than ever before.  Find out from the highlighted links what's happening where:  Exeter (few places left on Mount Cutting day only...please phone for detaisl);  Salisbury The venue is in Figheldean (pronounced Fi'eldean) and is close to Stone Henge.  Great evening, early morning photo opportunity if you are going to be there; Scotland: Further details featured in Great News; Manchester (only a few places left ...please phone for details); Cheltenham


Not forgetting the Business Development Week in Beaconsfield - (Please telephone if interested to find out about remaining places).

As courses are booking up quckly at the moment, here's an early alert for other venues we will be visiting before Christmas.





To avoid disappointment please book places as early as possible.

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The Art of Fine Framing


David Wilkie really inspired visitors to the DIYframing Open Day on Saturday 13th September.  His two presentations gave a true insight into the fine art of picture framing, the care and thought involved in the very best work.  He brought along a variety of his framed pieces showing the range and depth of his skills: from very simple, minimal looks to a more sculptural, almost architectural, style.  It wasn't just the award winning mounts that caught our imaginations; it was how well the framing captured and reflected elements within the content, colour palette and design of the artwork itself. 



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The Three Ps


Successful businesses are not static.  They respond to the market place, customers, developments and innovations within the broader sphere of an industry.  A picture framing business is no different - complacency can so easily cause a downward spiral.


Duncan explains, "I have been directly involved in the picture framing business for many years.  I've worked from home, run my own gallery and am now opening more framing outlets. I have always developed these businesses around the three "Ps": presentation; professionalism; profits."


Find out about how to progress a framing business in Duncan McDonald's latest article for The PPFA (Professional Picture Framers' Association).  MORE>>

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Great News


Great news! DIYframing is back in Scotland and this time we will be training in  three different locations (click dates for details):

Glasgow: October 25th & 26th

Oban: November 29th & 30th

Edinburgh: December 13th & 14th

Each of the weekends features a complete package to take anybody working with 2D art-forms (including needlecraft) from being a complete novice to feeling confident with picture framing.


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Expert Advice & Skills On Show


The first time we meet new customers can be at the various trade shows. On our first visit it can be a bit of surprise for you to find companies promoting picture framing among the many crafts and supplies stands.


Subsequent visits mean that customers can plan to check out our stand- people often tell us the only reason they come to a show is because we are there. Of course it's not purely because of our personal, social magnetism; there are often special offers and highly competitive pricing on the stock we have with us. More importantly, it offers the chance to see demonstrations of kit and simple framing & mount cutting techniques. In fact, very few other companies can, not only talk you through the framing process, but can also demonstrate each skill and step.


Especially for those of you who can't make it to Beaconsfield, the shows can be a bit like an Open Day, but nearer to your home.


The next two shows we will be attending are:
Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts - Exeter (Westpoint Showground STAND C30): 25th - 28th September
Knitting & Stitching Show - London (Alexander Palace): 9th - 12th October

So, don't be put off if the whole show doesn't appeal, come and have a chat with DIYframing and see what you can pick up.

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Paper-Free Manuals


Those of you who have pursued several courses with us (a few months apart) will have noticed that our training manuals evolve both in content and lay out. This is often because of new elements we want to include, such as the Fine Arts Trade Guild guidance. At other times we have accommodated new kit as part of the programme: Logan Pro Saw and most recently the 301 mount cutting system.


An exciting new decision has been to produce the manuals as PDFs on a CD rom. This will mean a reduction in our paper usage, whilst giving you a clearer format to work from and the flexibility only to print off items should you need them.

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Site Navigation


With the recent re-design of the DIYframing website comes a whole range of new features. Some go unnoticed but work to keep some information fresh and up to date. One that you may spot on our news page is the "in full" icon. This appears at the end of an article along with other link & update choices.  It does exactly what it suggests. Now, if an article is a long piece, we will post part of it on the news page, then to read the complete article, simply click the "in full" icon.

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Cutting Edge Stuff


For those of us wanting the best possible mount cut from our Framers Edge mount board cutters, try using Logan 268 blades in place of the 269s.  They have a single beveled edge and are sturdier as a result.  This means that tips are less likely to flex and move away from the cutting line, giving a top quality cut.  They cannot be turned for re-use in the mount cutter, but the "other end" simply becomes the blade used in the straight edge cutter.

Product details: Logan 268 Blades




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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


September 2008

After all the holidays and so forth, September always seems a bit like the start of a new year.  We settle back in to routines and a whole feeling of "getting stuck in and getting on again" surfaces.  For DIYframing that actually means the UK School of Framing training programme steps up a gear.  In the next 2 months we really will be travelling around the UK with workshops and exhibitions.


As well as details of those visits there are a few short items, helping you to get the best out of DIYframing and our services.



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