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Our next batch of training dates and venues remain well spread around the UK.  Our first visit is to Belfast for a training weekend and the Stitch and Creative Crafts Show at the Kings Hall. After that we will be in Southampton, then York and Salisbury.  Also watch out for our Business Development Week in Manchester towards the end of June.

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Sports Shirts & Frame Finishes

This is the first time we have offered two of our more specialised development courses during a weekend.  They are not intended as a two day package as there may be no cross over of interest between the two.  The intention is to make it easier for you to take part in the days, without having to take time off work or loose holiday time.


Learn how to frame a sports shirt: 9th May BeaconsfieldFraming Sports Shirts, 9th May, Beaconsfield:

In fact what you are shown works for all types of clothing, not just sports shirts.  The day covers basic principles about care, treatment and support of clothing in frames.  It also covers the practical aspects of creating a frame for the shirt you bring with you as well as wider issues about other methods of developing similar projects.  You will actually go away with a framed shirt: gallery value around £120.00 FIND OUT MORE


Learn how to add decorative finishes to picture frames: 10th May BeaconsfieldAdding Finishes To Frames ,10th May, Beaconsfield:

We cover a massive amount in one day with a wide range of practical guidance for adding finishes to natural wood mouldings.  As well as exploring the products available to create your own look for frames, we guide you through a variety of practical techniques used to open up this amazingly creative area.  You will follow three distinctly different approaches for working with natural timber: looking at what is possible with untreated moulding; primed moulding; and moulding with a gesso base. You also complete a frame using ragging and sponging techniques, along with an array of specialist products. FIND OUT MORE

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M1 Underpinner


There has always been a bit of a jump between the joiners used by serious amateurs, when compared to kit used by professional framers.  Those differences have not always been limited solely to the price.  Having the stability and control offered by using your hands to steady the moulding lengths on the joining "table", whilst using a foot pedal to insert the v-nail, are clearly not possible on a "bench top" system.  The new M1 underpinner has many of the practical features of a professional underpinner with the price economy of "desk top" kit.  For those of you with the available floor space in your workshop, the M1 will give the Logan Pro-joiner a run for its money.

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Like An Egyptian

Project 2: Framing an Egyptian Papyrus


Our next project card, as promised, shows one method of framing an Egyptian Papyrus.  It introduces a few ideas to add to your framing repertoire: cutting mounts with offset corners; pass through tabs for supporting the artwork.  The design aims to conjure up the period when Egyptology was a hitting the headlines in Edwardian times following the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.  It combines the golds, blues and blacks we associate with ancient Egyptian art as well as the offset corners, reminiscent of art deco styling.

The papyrus is "float mounted" on a coloured backing allowing the full shape and distinctive edges to be visible.  Spacers under the mount allow the artwork to be kept away from the glass, allowing all of the lumps and bumps to be accommodated without having to flatten it.

The end result is quite distinctive and highly decorative. Those who have seen it hanging in the Beaconsfield training room have been well impressed!  If you don't have anybody zooming out to Egypt for a holiday, there are many websites selling a whole range of Egyptian art: so there's nothing to stop you having a go.

Go to Project 2

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Report: Framing Seminars


Whenever we visit exhibitions and trade shows, we always offer visitors the chance to follow up their interest in picture framing by inviting them to attend a free seminar.  The session is intended to inspire people to see the possibilities of earning money from picture framing.  For some people they are looking at marketing their own work more profitably by adding value through the framing.  Others wish to add a service to their existing business: it is easy to see how a package, involving mounted and framed pieces, would appeal to wedding and portrait photographers.  Finally, some seem to undergo an epiphany, spotting the potential even for developing a bespoke picture framing business to create a major (or minor) income stream.


The Framing Seminars explore the main themes involved in setting up a picture framing business.  We demonstrate how to frame a picture, from the print to hanging, using professional framing kit.  There is an insight into possible pricing systems, what elements these need to cover and a range of creative ideas for taking your own style of framing beyond the "basic" package.


Our most recent session was on 25th March, following on from the Focus on Imaging and Hobbycrafts shows earlier in the month.  It was very well attended (around 25 visitors) with a great deal of interest and enthusiasm for what was being shown.


So, many thanks to all of those who made the seminar, and we will let the rest of you know as soon as our next freebie is arranged.  But, remember places always go quickly.



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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


April 2009

Great start to Spring with good light inspiring the inner artist / photographer to be out and about and get busy.  At this moment in time we are preparing for our annual visit to Belfast for the Stitch & Creative Crafts Show combined with a training weekend.


In this edition there is a great new piece of kit featured: the M1 underpinner offers professional features at hobbyist prices.  There's also news of two great training days in Beaconsfield to take your framing skills on to a new level.  Then, to round it all off the second of our framing projects FREE to download: Egyptian Style - one way of framing a papyrus.


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