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Great Prizes

Summer Competition News

DIYframing has always been keen to promote, encourage and develop good quality picture framing for all: from enthusiast to professional.  Creative design and exciting presentation do not have to be the preserve of gallery professionals.  Because we have worked with all levels of art workers and picture framers for the last 6 years, we thought it was about time we show-cased exactly how good DIY Framers are.  

This is our inaugural, annual (hopefully) picture framing competition.  It is being run without outside sponsors: the exciting prizes on offer are all provided by DIYframing.  We would love this idea to turn into a regular, annual enterprise but, obviously, this can only happen if you want it.  It should be a great opportunity to share your developing expertise because we will be sharing your ideas through our various information outlets and project library.


Whatever your skill level why not have a go? It’s a cliché, but true: if you don’t enter you can’t win. And a £300 cash first prize is good news by anybody’s standards.


We Know What You’re Doing This Summer


Our theme is Summer Holidays.  Obviously whatever you choose to frame should be linked to the theme, but it is the framing that is under scrutiny: that must also reflect “Summer Holidays”. Judges will be making their decision based on skill levels, quality of the framing, design ideas & execution and overall impact.  As well as the judges’ decision, visitors to the Open Day exhibition can also offer a public opinion.  Their votes will be added into the judges’ tally to provide an overall score.  That final total will determine the winners.

Sounds good? You need to get busy: all entries must be at our Woodlands Farm HQ, no later than 3.00 pm on Tuesday 8th September.


Competition Entry Form

Before entering please read (click) full terms & conditions.


To view or download entry form click entry form icon:

All entries must be accompanied by a completed form.  If entering please email your intention to judy@diyframing.com as it will help to determine exhibition space and requirements. 

Please note however that notification is not binding and failure to notify us would not exclude your entry.


Summary of Key Information

  • Theme: Summer Holidays
  • Closing date: Tuesday 8th September (3.00 pm cut off)
  • Prizes: 1st - £300 cash; 2nd £100 (DIYframing Vouchers); 3rd £50 (DIYframing Vouchers).
  • Judging: Completed at Summer Open Day, Saturday 12th September.

Closing date, Tuesday 8th September, 3.00 pm

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


Framing Competition

This is our very first competition and everyone at DIYframing is really excited about the whole idea.  We hope that it will become an annual feature as we try to expand everyone's ideas about creative design in framing.  We are all looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Key Information
Closing date: Tuesday 8th September (3.00 pm cut off)
Prizes: 1st - £300 cash; 2nd £100 (DIYframing Vouchers); 3rd £50 (DIYframing Vouchers).
Judging: Completed at Summer Open Day, Saturday 12th September.


Links for entry forms and full terms & conditions also accessible from DIYframing website.


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