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At this time of year, your mind is still surfacing after Summer Holidays and generally getting out and about wherever you can. It’s even more important, then, to give a little bit of thought to the next few months. If you had promised yourself the chance to try your hand at picture framing or develop your skills further, you might find it helpful to have a reminder of what’s on offer near your.  Art & Photography weekends can really get you off to a flying start. The 2 days give you a firm grounding in good quality picture framing, using affordable and manageable framing kit. Accredited by the Fine Art Training Guild, the sessions arm you with the necessary basic skills and some great ways of taking ideas down all sorts of creative avenues.  More specialised courses, such as Adding Frame Finishes, Canvas Stretching or Framing Sports Jerseys, build on the first two days and develop your skills to a very high level.


The basic weekends are often available in Beaconsfield, but if you want to learn how to frame your artwork, at a venue nearer to you, remember that for many of the venues listed below, this will be the last chance in 2009.  For the more specialised courses, these are only run once or twice a year and it is really worth booking up soon, as these venues and courses will be the last chances in 2009.

We are running Art & Photography (Basic) Framing weekends will take place at: Nuneaton; Salisbury; Cambridge; Barnsley; Exeter; Manchester.


Last chances for 2009 in specialised courses: Adding Finishes to Frames, Beaconsfield; Framing Sports Jerseys Beaconsfield; Framing Sports Jerseys, Manchester.

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Craft & Creativity


With the deadline for our framing competition getting ever nearer, David Wilkie has offered to give you an insight into his methods for getting the grey cells in gear. With his background of success in the very top levels of competition framing, it must be worth reading!


I've done quite a few framing competitions over the years and been fortunate enough to win a few too. It’s always difficult and I inevitably leave things until the last minute before finalising the design: I'm constantly waiting for that piece of brilliant inspiration. It rarely arrives so the answer is “good, old hard work” … very enjoyable hard work.



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But Is It Art?


For a number of keen photographers, finding a better print quality may not be that easy. If you look at the difference between good quality photo prints and the amazing look of fine art photography in galleries … the gap remains a chasm!


What you may be looking for is giclée printing on top quality papers. For example, one of your prints on a fine art paper can maintain the subtle lighter shades, without loosing definition in shadows. Having had our print and imaging links running for a couple of months, we thought we’d find out how results compare with other print systems. Here’s one personal view of the process.



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Open Day


Remember Saturday 12th September is the DIYframing, summer open day. We are busy finalising details of a guest speaker and will be sending details out shortly. In the meantime have a look at what has already been sorted. MORE

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New Additions - Moulding


We have a few new mouldings to add to our catalogue. There are two natural woods; two blacks; three coloureds (white). These are already available under the appropriate moulding types, but they can also be seen as a group on a New Additions PDF. In due course, existing PDF catalogues will be updated with these new profiles.



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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


August 2009

No such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing! We hope you enjoy your summer and make the most of it.  If you can't go out, use the time to frame those great pieces of summer art work ... and enter our summer holidays competition.  David Wilkie gives you a few of his thoughts on how to get started with your masterpiece.


We also have a few reminders about courses and the ones that will get away if you don't book soon. There's information about some new additions to our moulding catalogue and a personal review of the imaging / printing service we provide.


Anyway, whatever sort of a summer you are having, we hope to see you at our open day in September, when you can pick up some bargains, advice and a view of the competition entries.


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