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Products, Tools & Materials


Framing needlework / fabric is no different to framing other art or design media; however, preparing your work is. To help provide the best support and protection for your art, you need to use the best (and appropriate) products, which help you attach and stretch work ready for presentation in a frame. Behind the scenes, in well produced framing, there will be foam inserts, spacers, specialist tapes (see HANDY HINTS SHEETS item below).

DIYframing Ltd stocks:

  • Foam Core sheets in 3mm, 5 mm, 10mm thickness,
  • tapestry tape, PH neutral adhesive tape, double sided tapes, self adhesive linen tape
  • mountboards (over 70 shades) & backing boards

To explore the full range of products and picture framing tools, click DIYframing On-Line Store. You can also download a copy of our new catalogue (PDF) from our HOME page


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Great Style


Framers, who understand how to frame fabrics properly, also understand the practical issues involved. One of the main features of framed needlecraft is the added depth it demands. Sometimes this is as a result of needing to accommodate different thread / stitch thickness or to keep “sewn-in” items away from the glass. Often foam core spacing is used behind the mount to create that space. At other times, it will be the fact that the work is stretched around a foam core panel, which, when combined with the glass, mounts and backing board, develop quite a deep “package”. At DIYframing we have ensured that many of our standard mouldings can meet those demands. However we also stock an excellent range of stylish, deep rebate mouldings. To view these in detail, click DEEP REBATE MOULDINGS. On that page you can view individual mouldings and you can download a PDF of the full range. With all mouldings we can send small amounts, organise bulk orders or even provide a CHOP SERVICE (click for details).

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Getting the Low-Down On Framing


There are loads of ways to find out more about preparing and framing needlework for framing. We have evolved a range of HANDY HINTS sheets to support people wanting help with specific areas of picture framing.

Although you will find the whole range fascinating, the key titles, specifically designed with framed fabrics in mind, are:

  • Planning & Creating A Foam Core Panel For Attaching Fabric Based Artwork
  • Attaching Artwork Using The Newberry Fit
  • Pinning Needlework into a Foam Core panel
  • Lacing Needlework on a Foam Board


Granted, not the snappiest set of titles, but the information is tried & tested. All sheets provide tools and materials lists to help you start the project. To find these sheets, click on HANDY HINTS and then scroll down to the relevant title. These are free to download once you have registered with DIYframing: registration does not require any purchase.  Another way of learning the practical and creative skills needed to frame fabrics is to research it further in books and DVDs. Vivian Kistler, an internationally recognised expert on picture framing, has produced some excellent information about Framing Fabrics: click either DVD or BOOK to find out more.

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Doing It Yourself!


Bearing in mind the amount of time taken in producing a piece of cross-stitch, needlepoint or tapestry, surely it’s worth taking care with the framing? Framing any fabric requires a little bit more care in the planning stages and a few additional practical skills. It may take a little longer, but, done properly it makes such a difference to your work … and it is not that difficult. So why not have a go yourself?


UK School of Framing is running a “special” for all needle workers – Basics of fabric framing, 20th February 2010 in Beaconsfield. You bring along prepared needlework (guidance will be given) and we will take you through the whole process of framing it. You leave knowing how to frame the rest of your pieces and have one completed, ready for hanging.


For more detail click Fabric Framing Special. If you want to take it further, the Mount Cutting & Decoration course on the 21st February will add a whole range of presentation skills, whilst the Stretching & Framing Canvas Based Art on the 22nd February may appeal to people working on larger scale items. Later in 2010 we will be running a Framing Fabrics day, where you can learn more of the skills involved in this work, as well as trying out a framing project, from planning to completion. For more about all of our courses visit the UK School of Framing home page.


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Free Taster


At our OPEN DAY on December 12th in Beaconsfield, we will be running a seminar about making the most of framed artwork. The theme is especially relevant to needlework. We will be taking a basic piece of framed cross-stitch and exploring different ways of creating a more dramatic and visually exciting look. We will not only show ways of making it have more decorative impact, but will also give guidance on how to check the fabric is treated properly.


The seminar runs from 11.30 am - 12.30 pm. Places are FREE, but to reserve a seat please contact: judy@diyframing.com. For full details click OPEN DAY

Related Project: see our Framing Project Library - Ugly Duckling.



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Fabric framing Special

Welcome to a News Bulletin produced by DIYframing Ltd, with needle crafters in mind. It contains areas that will be of interest to anybody producing fabric based art and who would like to discover more about framing work for themselves. The information covers products used in preparing and framing fabrics, how to find advice and ideas for framing as well as links to training programmes and materials.


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