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Things haven't changed significantly since the December newsletter, but you may have had a few "other things" taking priority.  Now there's no excuse for not making a new start: where better than Leicester towards the end of January.  In February we move on to Manchester, Gloucester & Glasgow. Also during this period there are loads of Beaconsfield dates featured on the site home page including a February Canvas Stretching day and Basics of Framing, Fabric Special.  March sees us travelling to Newcastle Upon Tyne and then Brighton.  A March special is the first of our Business Development Weeks: Find out about the range of training you can book as single days or a complete package.

For full 2010 listings visit COURSES. 

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New Year Draw - £100 Prize


Here’s a chance to win a training voucher worth £100. Spend more than £100 (excluding VAT) at DIYframing, before the end of January 2010, and your name will be entered in a draw to win this great prize. The lucky winner will be able to use the voucher to save £100 off the cost of any training day running in 2010.


NB. DIYframing would require the chosen date to be agreed between themselves and the winner, with the understanding that a course may have to be rearranged due to unforeseen circumstances.


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Tying The Knot


No there aren’t any pigs flying! I know we’ve been promising our trainees for many months. At long last, Richard has eventually put together a handy hint sheet about how to tie the dreaded framing knot. Mind you, even with pictures and notes it might still leave you scratching your heads. It’s really not (oops) that easy making a complex sequence absolutely clear … but you can’t say we haven’t tried.


So if you have been on one of our many training sessions, or you just want a good way of tying a knot when stringing your frames, have a look at Handy Hints sheet: Stringing a Frame for Hanging. We have left the image files quite large so you can zoom in a bit closer on each one without getting too “pixelated”: as a result, be warned, the PDF size is 4mb. For a direct link click: The Knot

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Focus On Imaging 2010


A bit of prior notice: Focus On Imaging 2010 is slightly later this year: it runs at the NEC Birmingham from Sunday 7th until Wednesday 10th March. It is open from 10.00 am – 6.00 pm each day (Wednesday finish is at 5.00 pm)


If you enjoy photography, creating, printing or presenting images, then it’s an amazing show to visit. Whatever level you work at, you get to see and talk to some of the real experts in their profession. It has also become the biggest event in our show calendar and is a time when we aim to have just about all of the DIYframing staff on hand to offer advice about all aspects of picture framing, demonstrate kit and generally get to meet and greet people. To find out more, click FOCUS and follow the links to visit the show website.


Also keep an eye open on our site and in newsletters for any more information about offers, equipment launches etc that we may be running.

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New Framing Project - Creative Design


Just before Christmas we held another open day. The seminar / demonstration on this occasion was all about ideas for creating a range of looks for one piece of artwork. Using a piece of cross stitch as an example we developed 3 distinctive framed versions, looking at how to accommodate the practical requirements of the needlework, using a few clever mount cutting and decorative techniques. This resulted in some very different ways of presenting the piece and a chance to see how each of the moulding types worked with each of the mount versions: so 3 mouldings x 3 mount options = 9 possible outcomes. In fairness, there were really 3 designed looks, but because the frames were all built to the same glass size, we did a bit of a mix and match. To read the full article click: MORE.


To see the full framing project click LIBRARY and scroll down to Project 6a: Creative Design. The remaining 2 designs will follow shortly as project 6b & 6c.


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Annual Belfast Special


Time flies! Already we are looking ahead to another of our annual jaunts to Belfast. We like to give you advance notice, as earlier bookings mean we can firm up our plans sooner. The significant difference with these journeys is that we combine a trade show with a training weekend. The Stitch & Creative Arts Show – Belfast is Northern Ireland's premier exhibition covering all aspects of cross stitch, hand and machine knitting, sewing, and other stitch and creative crafts. Whatever art form you are involved with, this is a great chance for any of our Irish customers to visit our stand. You will be able to see our kit, find out about doing your own picture framing and pick up materials and equipment without having to worry about postage costs.


Another feature of this particular package is that we have a van load of kit for sale at the show, which finishes on the Saturday. So, on the Sunday, we can offer direct sales to people attending day 2 of the training. Any exhibition discounts apply, you save postage and, more importantly, you get to take it away with you immediately.


The training dates are:17th & 18th April (book early to avoid disappointment) For more detail click: Belfast Training

Exhibition details are: The Stitch & Creative Arts Show, Kings Hall, Belfast. Thursday 15th April – Saturday 17th April. For more detail click: Belfast Show


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Video Links


A significant part of our equipment range is designed and made by American, home framing specialists, Logan Graphic. A greatly appreciated part of their sales packages is the DVD included with each of their tools. However, it is also useful to see how each one works when considering which bit of kit to buy: it gives you the chance to make a more considered comparison. To that end, we now have links to videos illustrating how each piece of Logan equipment works. Simply click on the link to open a video in a separate window. Based on the YouTube format, we hope that most customers will be able to use this new feature. For an example, use the link to Logan Simplex 750 mount cutter page from where you can go to the featured video link.

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


January 2010


We hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you an exciting and prosperous New Year. 2010 is starting with a few surprises: the freeze, a bit of snow and we are really noticing that people are keen to get on with things. Bookings for training dates early in January have taken off in the last few days. Have a good look at dates remaining in January and into early February so that you can give yourself a head start to the year. Also there are a couple of reminders about some big shows early on in the year: Focus on Imaging and our annual trip to Belfast. There’s some great news about a New Year draw (prize worth £100); new Handy Hints guidance; more framing projects in the library and links to videos of Logan products.


All in all, a positive way to start 2010.


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