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UK School of Framaing Award Winners 2010At the end of this month, we head east to Norwich . In July we move up to Manchester, running Canvas Stretching and Frame Finishes days there in addition to the usual Art & Photography framing weekend. From there we are back in the midlands with a weekend in Newark.  After that we go south to Brighton before returning to the midlands with Nuneaton featuring at the end of Summer.  There are also more specialised courses running in the next quarter.  To find out more about them, see the following article.


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Fun with Specials

If you enjoy doing your own framing and the simple pleasure of making things look exactly how you want is paramount, then investigate our specials courses. Where some are more skills based, other workshops are linked more to providing you with creative options. Having just completed an Art Finishes session, it is worth pointing out just how much fun you can have spraying paint with toothbrushes and splattering acrylics on frames (floor and yourself) with a brush. What you end up with is a taste (not literally) of what you can do with a whole range of products and techniques. For those who enjoy that level of control it takes you into a whole new world of creative potential. The same is true of stretching & framing canvases or finding out about preparing needlework for framing. In all cases they give you the chance to do things well and just the way you want. Check these dates out: Canvas Stretching, Manchester: Frame Finishes, Manchester; Framing Fabric (one-off special), Beaconsfield
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Summer Competition 2010

In response to popular request we are announcing our 2nd, annual Summer Framing Competition along with the promised longer “run up”. The theme is “the Blues”: there are all sorts of directions you can go in with this title. Be as inventive and “off the wall” as you like, as long as there is a clear connection. Remember, the quality of artwork / item will not be judged: it is the overall effect, design and quality of the framed piece that will determine prize winners. So be creative with the framing and try to capture an element of the competition theme in the design, rather than relying simply on the artwork. For the full story, details of prizes, deadlines and how to enter, click: COMPETITION
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Deepwell Framing


In the dim and distant past, DIYframing ran a picture framing weekend in Glasgow. Among the 10 strong contingent taking part in our first Scottish training was Tim Nicholson. Since then, as well as being a loyal DIYframer, Tim has ended up with his own framing business: and he has the van to prove it! This is Tim’s story of Deepwell Framing.


All in all, business is good. It’s not developing too fast, but I am finding it more and more difficult to get out of the workshop in order to do office related things: that alone tells me something is moving in the right direction. I couldn’t ask for a better work/life balance right now. I should have done this 30 years ago.



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Project 7 - Framing Makeover


Fashions change. What was once a lovely frame now looks dated, tired or just not right for where something is now going to hang. A picture frame make-over is great fun. It gives you a chance to show off a bit, but it’s also seeing the phoenix rise from the ashes: artwork that looked OK, suddenly looks amazing. Rather than being heavy on framing skills, this project is all about design choices and proportions. To view the project in full, visit our Project Library and open project 7: Framing Makeover.

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Tray Frame Moulding


We have decided to create a new mouldings category: Tray Frames. Until now these profiles were mixed in with the slips & fillets: with 5 on offer we thought it would be helpful to provide a clearer location. To see the range, click tray frames. Also note that the FREE, downloadable price list and moulding style PDFs have been updated accordingly.

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June 2010

This month's newsletter has a real feel of creativity about it.  The second of our framing competitions is launched and your attention is particularly drawn to some creative courses that might help with a unique look for your work.  Project 7 is available in our library and a new case study highlights another DIYframer who is taking off! 


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