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In July we return to the midlands with a weekend in Newark.  After that we go south to Brighton before heading for Nuneaton at the start of September. This is quite a busy month with trips to Salisbury, Cambridge and Barnsley to follow. The finale for September is a return to Wales, with a framing weekend in Cardiff.  To view all courses visit: complete list.  Read on in this newsletter for details of new dates for specialised courses this summer.



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Art In Action - Special Promotion


This event is quite exceptional as it celebrates the skills and talents of people working within a wide range of arts and crafts. This will be the third year that DIYframing has been invited to attend the festival and of course we are delighted to be involved.


Just for Art in Action we are running a daily special promotion. Each day, the first five customers who present their Art In Action Voucher and purchase over £100.00 of goods, on our stand, will receive a free fixings pack worth over £15.00. (Download your voucher).


Art In Action 2010 runs at Waterperry House, Nr Oxford. It opens from 10.00 am – 5.30 pm, 15th – 18th July. For more details of the whole event click: Art in Action. REMEMBER TO BRING ALONG YOUR VOUCHERS


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Ready Made Frames


We now have a great new product available. If you want good quality, ready-made frames we are now producing our own range. Currently, there are 4 different moulding styles available in 16 different sizes, ranging from 127mm x 178 mm (5” x 7”) through to the largest at 600 mm x 800 mm. All Ready-Frame packages include a plastic, glazing panel and backing board. We are intending to extend the moulding range further, in the very near future. For details click: Ready Frames

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This weekend you could cut your moulding costs by half. We are offering to double up your moulding order at no extra cost. This offer only applies to moulding orders placed on-line between 6.00 am, Saturday 10th July and midnight, Sunday 11th July. It is a 2 for 1 scheme with a subtle twist: order and pay for your moulding in the usual way and we will send you double the amount. For example, if you need four, 1 metre lengths to complete a project, you could just order (and pay for) two, 1 metre lengths; we will add another two lengths, free of charge. Alternatively, if you want to build up stock (in case of emergencies!), you could order (and pay for) the four, 1 metre lengths you need: you would then receive an additional four lengths at no extra cost, ready for your next project. This offer applies to all framing mouldings in our catalogue.

NB it does not include the 2 way stretcher moulding as this not in the moulding catalogue.

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SPECIAL OFFER - Courses Bookings

And here’s another one. We are giving away £20.00 DIYframing vouchers to anybody booking courses on line this weekend. The promotion applies to any level of training day, as long as the booking is made, on-line, between 6.00 am, Saturday 10th July and midnight, Sunday 11th July. So check out our full programme (click: Courses List) and you can plan ahead by booking available dates between now and end of December 2010. The £20.00 voucher (redeemable against goods on the DIYframing site) will then give you a great start with buying kit or materials to practise what you have learnt.
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More July Offers


We have some more, great promotions / money- savers in the pipeline this July. Keep an eye on your email inbox for new offers as they arise. Hopefully we can surprise you.

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Framing Sports Jerseys

Framing clothing is not especially difficult, but there are a few special techniques needed to do it well.  On our Framing Sports Shirts training days, we show you how to support and stage your garment, ensuring it is undamaged by any processes involved.  It is a practical course so you will leave with your sports shirt beautifully displayed in a double mount and frame. All of the skills and techniques practised also apply when framing many other forms of clothing. We have just entered a new date for training: 15th September, Beaconsfield (click for details).
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Art Finishes on Frames


If you really want to be creative with your framing, why not find out how to put your own art effects on frames? Knowing about the timber used in the moulding, how to prepare surfaces ready for different art effects and simply knowing about the range of media available are essential to good quality work. Our Adding Decorative Finishes to Frames training days offer a great deal of background information and the chance to experiment with effects and products. The chevron samples you create will be just the start of an exciting new avenue for your framing. We have just entered a new date for training: 16thBeaconsfield September, (click for details)

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Summer Competition 2010 - Reminder


A reminder that we have launched our 2010 Picture Framing Competition (theme “The Blues”): so why not have a go? We set this competition up to extol the skills of all levels of picture framers and are only promoting it to our members via the website and newsletters. Although independently judged, it was great to discover that all of the winners had trained with us. Indeed the vast majority of all last year’s entries had taken their first steps with UK School of Framing – Janet Rudkin (2nd place) had started framing just 12 months prior to entering. Each year we train over 400 students – now’s the chance for all of you to show how far you can go. There are excellent prizes for the first three places, entries will be exhibited at our September 11th Open Day and you get the project back .... you can’t lose but you could win.


For details and links to entry forms click: The Blues. Please do let us know, via email or phone, if you intend to enter, as it helps us to gauge exhibition space and look out for your entry in our post.

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Art Gekko - On The Art Trail


Art Gekko is all about bringing vibrant pieces of art to the UK from sources all around the world. During 18 months of travel, Hilary Simms (15 years working in marketing) and her partner Ben, sought out quality, original artwork that made an impact: the best work was often discovered way off the tourist paths. The cost of getting framed-artworks shipped home was excessive and would have made the business a non-starter, so it was an obvious decision to add a framing side to the business. By doing so, Hilary can import artwork as rolled canvas then frame it herself. In turn this led to the UK School of Framing training programme. “I am amazed how much I learned in my course and I was very well equipped to go straight into professionally framing our artwork for sale purposes.”   This was combined with a “whistle-stop” work experience in a framing gallery, providing the background and boost to launch Art Gekko as dealers in, and framers of, original artwork.


This must be one of the quickest routes, we have ever featured at DIYframing, of a business moving so effectively from the planning stage to trading. Read more at ART GEKKO

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


July 2010

Here is a real bumper edition designed to bust some of the "recession blues" this summer.  There are a number of special offers and promotions, with even more to come.  We hope that plenty of you will take the chance to enter our Summer Framing competition: the only request is that you do let us know once you have decided to have a go, so we can get organised for exhibiting and judging. Also have a look at the feature about Art Gekko: it just illustrates one clever idea for setting up a creative business.


Hopefully we will get to meet some of you at Art In Action, an exciting arts and crafts festival hosted in the beautiful surroundings of Waterperry House, Nr Oxford.


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