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Back By Popular Demand

Special Offers In July

The last set of offers are re-runs of three earlier favourites.  They are also deals that will offer great savings to the widest range of our customers.

5 free sheets when you order 10+ sheets of mount.FREE: 5 Sheets of Mountboard

When you select colours to order 10+ sheets of mountboard (standard size) we will add a further 5 sheets of board FREE NB. while the additional boards have minor imperfections they are often easy to avoid, but do make excellent undermounts, hinge backs and inner layers of double mounts etc.

Special Offers In July 2 for 1 Mouldings2 for 1 Moulding

This weekend you could cut your moulding costs by half. We are offering to double up your moulding order at no extra cost.  It is a 2 for 1 scheme with a subtle twist: order and pay for your moulding in the usual way and we will send you double the amount. For example, if you need four, 1 metre lengths to complete a project, you could just order (and pay for) two, 1 metre lengths; we will add another two lengths, free of charge. Alternatively, if you want to build up stock (in case of emergencies!), you could order (and pay for) the four, 1 metre lengths you need: you would then receive an additional four lengths at no extra cost, ready for your next project. This offer applies to all framing mouldings in our catalogue.

NB it does not include the 2 way stretcher moulding as this not in the moulding catalogue.


Special Offers In July

Free Vouchers (£20) on Course Bookings

We are giving away £20.00 DIYframing vouchers to anybody booking courses on line this weekend.  So check out our full programme (click: Courses List) and you can plan ahead by booking available dates between now and end of December 2010. The £20.00 voucher (redeemable against goods on the DIYframing site) will then give you a great start with buying kit or materials to practise what you have learnt.


Remember: offers are valid only on orders placed on-line from 6 am on 31st July until midnight 1st August. 

Special Offers In July

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Thank you for your continued support.

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Summer Specials: 31st July & 1st August

This is the fourth of our Summer Sizzlers.  For the weekend of 31st July and 1st August we have returned with repeats of earlier red hot deals.  We hope that these will have mass appeal.  You can't afford to miss them this time around.


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