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Summer Competition 2010 - Reminder

Competition winning entries from 2009 - SUMMER HOLIDAYS

2009 winner

2009 winner

2009 winner


There's still time to submit your £300 winning entry to our 2010 competition.  The Summer Framing Competition is open to all DIYframing members: with £500 of prizes it could be a great end to this summer for you.  FULL DETAILS
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We start in the south with Brighton before heading for Nuneaton at the start of September. This is quite a busy month with trips to Salisbury, Cambridge and Barnsley to follow. We finish September in Wales, with a framing weekend in Cardiff.  October sees us heading to Manchester, for an extended stay, and then to Maidstone . To view all courses visit: complete list

Beaconsfield training offer: Bring a friend 1/2 priceThis offer applies to each or both of the two days of the Art & Photography Framing Weekend, Beaconsfield, 21st & 22nd August.  Book one place and you can bring a friend for half price.  (Both bookings must be made and paid for, in order for the discount to apply).  If you have already booked and want to bring a friend, contact (email) judy@diyframing.com so the offer can be applied.

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Open Day


The Open Day is currently in the events diary as 11th September at DIYFraming HQ, Beaconsfield from 10.00 am until 2.30 pm.


Due to some very exciting news, we may have to postpone the open day – in the meantime we will have to keep you on tenterhooks.


As soon as we can, we will either confirm or re-set the date accordingly.  However rest assured there will be even more to see and do than usual! 

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Hardware For Hanging Frames

In the same tradition as our information sheet about tapes, we now have a new Handy Hints sheet available looking at some of the hardware used in framing. It specifically focuses on items used to hold artwork in frames when ordinary tab systems may not offer a solution. It also shows and describes a wide product range used when hanging artwork. As always these sheets are free to DIYframing members. For details click: Hardware
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Getting Started in the Framing Business


If you are looking to earn money from your picture framing, at whatever level, it makes sense to be organised and do your research. What better way could there be than joining us on our Business Development Week? Our Business Weeks are open to all: from complete novice through to people who have got the framing bug. The full 7 day programme can take you from your first frame, to being a confident framer: click Business Week to see the whole programme.  Our next Business Development Week starts: November 2010     (Full Article)


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We Need Your Help!


Our framing sports jerseys training day was developed following a ground swell of inquiries asking for advice on how that sort of project works. In a similar way there has been a great deal of interest in advice about framing other forms of memorabilia. One area especially popular is that of framing medals. We are looking for feedback from you to see whether there is enough interest to devise a training day around this type of work. What we would like from you is feedback via our email: info@diyframing.com.  For more details and to see how you can help click: Full Article

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Gillian Sloan, GCF: newly appointed


Gillian Sloan & Gwyn Moses have been stalwarts of DIYframing since the framing bug took hold in January 2008. It started with Gwyn booking a weekend’s training as a birthday present. Not only did Gill enjoy this new venture, she also turned out to be pretty good at it. Since then she has completed the 3 additional, practical modules of the Business Week: 3D(box) Framing; Conservation Framing; Framing Fabrics. The interest in taking her framing skills even further was intensified after taking part in the first set of Master Classes that DIYframing ran with David Wilkie. Most recently, having moved to Invernesshire and setting up Gillian Sloan Framing, she has become our latest trainee to pass the FATG, GCF award.


Congratulations to Gillian and many thanks for taking time to tell us about the process.  Read From Hobby to GCF
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Important Information - Logan 5000 8 ply cutter owners


This item is important to anybody who has bought the Logan 5000 4 & 8 ply bevel cutter from us, since March 2010. Some of the first units to ship had a depth screw that did not work as well as the current screw in activating the LED light. Also the current Logan 5000 version is now shipped with a pack of the single edge, 271 blades (referenced on the packaging card), which can be used for better cuts through 8 ply boards.


Recognising that some of you have experienced some difficulties when cutting 8 ply board, Logan is keen to send out some simple upgrade packages to existing Logan 5000 owners, bringing earlier shipments up to current standards. The pack consists of:

  • New depth screw
  • Logan 271-5 blade pack
  • New package card
  • New instruction manual
  • Brief instruction sheet on how to replace the depth screw

So, if you have bought a Logan 5000 4 / 8 ply cutter since March 2010 to help us ensure you receive an upgrade kit, please contact Judy Robertson by phone or email (judy@diyframing.com)

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...


August 2010

Although it's the heart of the holiday season, there is still plenty to report this month.  We hope you have been able to pick up on some of the July special offers we sent out each week.  Do remember that the Summer Competition closing dates will spring up on you unexpectedly.  Who knows, it might be that piece of artwork from your holidays that you want to turn into your entry?  If you are still looking for bargains, don't miss the September Open Day as we always have discounts and offers available.


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