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Contacts & Directions


Just in case you hadn’t heard – DIYframing has moved.

New contact details are:

Unit 2, Crusader Industrial Estate, Stirling Road, Off Halifax Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 3ST

Telephone : 01494 459545 (NEW)

Free phone, fax and email contacts remain unchanged.

Click: details & directions


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It has been a while since the last set of courses details. This batch will take you into the new year. The first set of training in the new “Cressex Site” training rooms take place on the 23rd & 24th October. Venues around the UK are York (also featuring a Canvas Stretching session) and Gloucester in November: don’t forget the full Business Week at Cressex (High Wycombe). In December we have some more “home dates” and a trip to Dorchester. Finally for this bulletin, we head in to the New Year with visits to Cambridge then Leicester in January.


Art Materials Live link image.


In addition to the training dates also note we will be attending the Art Materials Live show, Birmingham NEC, November 4th - 7th.  More Detail




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Learning the Trade


When you are starting out in picture framing, what you really need to get a business started are the core skills and the essential, practical elements necessary to get you up and running.  These are the areas that our Business Development Week is geared up to explore. In particular our two Business Days cover: a summary guide to basic, professional picture framing kit and how each element is used; information, ideas and guidelines to help tailor framing to your business needs; how to fill order books, market your business effectively and generate an income.  The practical days take students through the core skills required in actual picture framing. Read the Full Article

If this sounds appealing, and just what you need, why not become one of the first to train at our new DIYframing HQ in High Wycombe. Some places are still available for all or parts of our Business Development Week in November (click for details).

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New Alfa with Italian Styling


Alfamacchine has a well established reputation for making durable and innovative framing equipment, at manageable prices. Those of us using the tried and tested Minigraf A1M underpinner can vouch for that. Hot off the press, so to speak, is the new MINIGRAF A2M-200 underpinner with great design detailing and exciting new features. This new underpinner also has a great new look, being mounted on an elegant steel stand. For full details and pricing read Alfa A2M

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A Trio of Tab Guns

There have been a few changes made to the range of Charnwood Tab Guns. The existing model has a number of improvements, including a new grip offering greater comfort and ease of use. It is still capable of use with rigid or flexi-tabs and is sold at the same price as its predecessor. The main difference is colour - it's turned red.  We are also stocking two new tab guns: VT120 Hand Operated Brad Nailer and T420 Arrowhead Tab gun.  The new Brad nailer allows you to use the traditional system of "panel pins" to hold backing board etc in place.  The new Arrowhead gun, uses a professional, framers rigid pin for holding glazing / backing in place - ideal all round gun, but also copes with conservation grade work. More
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Have A Quick Look


To help you find your way around our site more quickly we have made some quick link tabs on our Home Page and UK School of Framing page. On the home page we now feature a “COURSES” link which takes you directly to a list of all planned courses. On the UKSoF page, there is now a button for each of the training modules (opens in a new window) we offer: therefore if you know what you are after you can quickly find when the next sessions are and see more detail of what the module involves.

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British Business Boost


The competition in the British Business Boost award 2010 was tough with the panel of four judges offering a pedigree of success and innovation in a wide variety of business backgrounds. Whilst we were not the outright winners of the competition we did very well. Having reached the final ten, nationwide, we were given Finest British Business Boost certification in recognition of “innovation, vision and achievement in a small / medium enterprise.”  More >>

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Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time...



Although finishing off the unpacking, the new DIYframing site is gradually taking shape.  The first training sessions will take place in our new facility on the weekend of 23rd & 24th October.  In the meantime we have been able to set a date for our Grand Opening.  There will be a whole range of special items and events taking place and we hope you are able to come and have a look over the new place.


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