Art and Photography weekends


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These specials are designed for the whole range of artists & photographers: keen amateurs through to professionals.  Originally designed to meet the needs of photographers, these specials were clearly very popular with all artists working in any 2D medium.

In terms of photography, we have worked with all levels: wedding photographers; camera club members; gallery photographers; those wanting to frame pictures of their children.  Every one has found the days to be enjoyable and informative.  Some have now added framing to their businesses and product range. These offer the same structure outlined in the two Entry Level courses (Basics of Framing & Mount Cutting and Decoration) so that you can acquire the necessary general framing and mount cutting skills, but with an emphasis on your specialist area.

This special weekend covers the same practical ground as the two Basic courses:

  1. BASICS OF FRAMING (click for more information)
  2. MOUNT CUTTING and DECORATION (click for more information)

Where it differs significantly is in the fact that the specialist information has been based around a series of queries often posed by photographers joining the site.  These concern:

  • how to prepare work for competition;
  • specialised materials available;
  • mounting work for direct sales;
  • tools needed for mount cutting
  • adding a bit of extra "drama" through framing to make your work stand out from the rest.

However, these themes have been an added bonus for the many artists who have also been involved with these courses, finding the "extra" themes very useful and highly relevant to those working with pastels, watercolours,  ink and pencil.  So, even If you are not especially interested in framing photography, the two days will be an exciting way of developing skills in framing all sorts of artwork.