If you are an artist, or are regularly dealing with artwork on canvas then the following articles and information may well be of interest to you. 

Handy Hints

Framing Pictures on Canvas - Using Stretcher Bars - (members only)

Looking at how to make a stretcher frame from stretcher bars, then stretch and attach canvas based artwork.  The process also works for heavier, woven pieces and tapestries.

Framing Pictures on Canvas - Using Stretcher Profile Moulding - (members only)

A simple way of making a stretcher frame for stretching and attaching canvas based art.  It is a standard method for less valuable / expensive pieces and work particularly well with stable media, such as photo canvases.  NB no wedges to add stretch at a later date.

Framing Pictures on Canvas - Framing Guidance - (members only)

Exploring the range of mouldings used when framing canvas work, the considerations you need to make for each style and guidance on how to plan the frame.

Framing Pictures on Canvas - Assembling a Framed Canvas - (members only)

Some guidance on methods and hardware used for both securing the stretched canvas "block" inside the frame and holding its position.


Stretching and Framing Canvas

Overview of the Stretching and Framing Canvas course