Basics of Framing Re-Visited - Polly Swain

Polly SwainWe have been having a ‘Basics of Framing’ course here in High Wycombe today and had a pleasant surprise in the form of Polly Swain. It was a pleasant surprise because we had seen her before… Polly was one of the students on our very first framing course, before we had become DIY Framing, a course that was done in the back room of Sunflower Framing in Beaconsfield way back in 2002.

Polly SwainMuch has happened to Polly in the intervening years, she was, at the time doing an art course at an adult education college - while her children were young - and wanted to be able to put her own work into frames. Like so many of us she felt that it was something that she should do herself, rather than buying inferior frames ‘off the shelf’ or getting someone else to make frames for her. That practical streak certainly resonates with me. Having completed our course Polly has only ever framed for her own walls, and was happy with what she was achieving but would not have considered selling framed work herself.

Polly SwainThings have changed now, after the adult learning course and bitten by the learning ‘bug’ Polly enrolled on a degree course in 3D Design at Farnham (an excellent art school). Her medium now, following graduation is a fascinating process of 3D printing using bone china. The pieces are wafer thin, translucent panels with relief images on them. They are delicate and need framing which is what brought her back to us for a refresher.

Pollly has booked for a 3D framing course in a month’s time but wanted to make sure that her skills were good enough to be able to get the most out of it. Our courses have evolved, in 2002 cutting mounts was done with a rule and a cutter and was much more fiddly – v-nails were inserted using what we would now consider to be laughable presses, but that was the technology that we had available. Today we use a Logan 301 mount cutter and studio joiner, tools that make the processes so much easier. What we do now is to expect rather more of our students and Polly has been able to see the way things have advanced.

We even found some pictures of the historic first framing course and running the show back then was Linnette, who still does many of the courses that we hold here in High Wycombe.

Hopefully in a few weeks time when she is back for the third dimension it will all just seem like a walk in the park.

Polly Swain