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The Application of Skills 28th April

Using the skills you have learned in a more interesting way

Business Design Week 28th March 2011

Making a business of Framing

Presenting Photography 15th March 2011

Our first seminar on the subject of Presenting Photography

Personal Development 12th March 2011

Watching our customers develop new skills and new careers.

Focus 2011 - 9th March 2011

Working the show...

Stretching Yourself - Canvas Course 21st January 2011

A look at our Canvas Stretching course, a more businesslike group of students!

Basics of Framing - Re-visited - 18th January 2011

Some insight into why people come on our courses

Mount Cutting and Decoration - 26th January 2011

Going beyond a simple bland rectangular, single mount to add quality to your mounting

Basics of Framing - 25th January 2011

Getting to grips with the basic skills of mounting and framing a photograph.

Ben Boswell is the Marketing Manager at DIY Framing.  He has made frames for some time to present his own photography and his wife's prints.  However he taught himself and has developed plenty of bad habits in his framing so this blog is about his experiences going through the various courses in the UK School of Framing

From time to time there may also be postings about other things that we think might entertain or inform...

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Basics of Framing Course