The Articles and information in this section are about conservation Framing, what you should be doing with Valuable, or vulnerable artworks.

Handy Hints

Attaching Artwork Using A hinge Mount System

This illustrates a method of attaching 2D artwork to a mount system.  It explains why you might choose this type of mount system and its benefits.  The sheet then provides step by step instructions on how to make a hinge mount, from scratch.

Stringing a Frame For Hanging - (members only)

There is no single method for tying a knot in picture hanging cord. The acid test is whether it will hold the weight of the framed artwork! However, a method that works (and the one demonstrated in most training sessions) is illustrated on this sheet. 

Tapes & Their Uses

We use a variety of tapes in picture framing.  It's not always easy to decide which tape is best for a particular element of framing as you are making a purchase.  This sheet takes you through the stages of framing indicating the "tape options" on the way.

Using Pass Through Hinges - (members only)

When you want to see the whole piece of artwork, but need to have it stuck down on to a coloured board, what do you use?  In the case of most 2D artwork, pass-through hinges will be the answer.  They are similar to T-Hinges, but the "attaching end" sits behind the board rather than being visible above the artwork.  This sheet takes you though how to position your artwork and attach with "pass-through" hinges.

Using V-Hinges to Attach Artwork - (members only)

This is used for an invisible mount attachment allowing the artwork to “float” within the mount opening. It is really only suitable for small pieces as it is basically a weak attachment. It works most easily when using a gummed hinging tape strip, attached, in part, to the back of the artwork.

Hardware For Hanging Frames

This is an information sheet featuring some of the hardware used in framing. It specifically focuses on items used to hold artwork in frames, when ordinary tab systems may not offer a solution. It also shows and describes a wide product range used when hanging artwork.

Glass Products - Right Choices

NEW It's very easy to opt for basic 2mm float glass for your picture frames without questioning what's available and what benefit those options might provide.  This  sheet explains what some of the alternatives are.


Conservation Framing

An overview of the Conservation Framing Course